Four kinds of promotion methods of shop e commerce indispensable

is a indispensable love Shanghai

2. Post Bar love Shanghai is very hot, gathered here of course as people of every hue, love of Shanghai’s products, its weight is very high. The love of Shanghai is Post Bar promotion, the quick success of the way. We are the best in the relevant Post Bar inside mix, you can become the main or small positions, this promotion will bring great convenience.

1. by Shanghai to promote love know who is very much, but we have to learn this promotion skills. Love Shanghai know the most basic method is to promote the "question and answer", but must use a different account and IP, is certainly not cheating love Shanghai love, so make love Shanghai do not see is cheating.

like me in a grassroots, no extra money to jjpm, had to rely on search engines to yield flow, grasp certain promotion practices, has become the network survival skills, the Diyinv is about in practice in summary, four kinds of promotion methods of shop e-commerce indispensable to share with you,

two micro-blog promotion


4. love Shanghai love Shanghai inside the library as the late development of products, but its development speed is quite fast, although recently also received some questions, but this is a good way to promote. Many published more articles of higher quality data, the relevant information is inserted inside your website, for the promotion of new store is very good.

The weight of

love Shanghai weight, search what, is not found on the first page will not love Shanghai to promote their products, so it can not or missing, love Shanghai’s product line more and more wide, love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, know, love Shanghai Post Bar, love Shanghai space, love love Shanghai, Shanghai library, Shanghai love experience, more and more products, but for the love Shanghai products must remember there is a principle of not more, must restrain quantity, improve the quality, anxious not to eat hot tofu. Understand ah, otherwise not only to promote the role, but suffered K, pull hair,

3. love Shanghai space compared to several other love Shanghai products may be relatively low, but the love of Shanghai’s own products, but also have a good help for ranking. We can regularly publish articles in space, a certain weight can be related to the promotion, the effect is good.

now feel the heat! But also said micro-blog is 2011 years, all kinds of news now on micro-blog, but also to promote the line including the government departments to carry out electronic commerce, so you can’t grasp this one, usually spend some time and energy to raise a number. That will bring you considerable returns, as for the method of root, there is no official recommendation, and not a celebrity, famous enterprises, only.

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