Shanghai dragon team should recognize their position and responsibilities

Chain Specialist: registered forum, writing posts, post, irrigation.

Shanghai Longfeng director: responsible for the Shanghai dragon plan, layout implementation workload, such as allowing the programmer to modify, adjust the site, the quantity and quality of the chain layout, the quantity and quality of editorial content, and assessment, monitoring website, Shanghai dragon project schedule, make adjustments according to the changes of the search engine, take responsibility for the entire project, the site, necessary training for the program team.

first introduced under the small Shanghai dragon team members responsibilities:

because of the small Shanghai dragon team, the editor and the chain commissioner is mixed with, after all the people work less, the content is similar, to tell the truth is really very boring, so the chain will work on editing and complain, but I want to say, you can only recognize their own position? Do you think it is very hard

programmer: adjust the structure of the website, write small procedures, simple website template, website maintenance.

? The editor and the chain

today is to write this article, because many small Shanghai dragon team will encounter this kind of situation, usually small companies will have a team of about 3-5 people, we also call the Shanghai dragon team, this team, Shanghai dragon director, editor, outside the chain, can program will be in an office unlike the big company, the chain, editors are independent departments, separate management, and the small Shanghai dragon team together to communicate more often in, not outside the chain Commissioner, how long will your whole weight edit muttering why complex boring meaningless things, even questioned the leader of the Shanghai dragon as, why don’t you do it? Will this team in the course of time, the efficiency is very low, Shanghai Longfeng results also cannot be reflected out, resulting in a vicious circle, Shanghai The Dragon Team recognize the position and your responsibilities are very important.

are impetuous, you have not asked myself, why he is boring things constantly, why don’t you head, you think you have what difference does it make to him, I give you a web site, the project, you dare to bear, "

I am 09 years contact Shanghai dragon, was also from the primary implementation of the chain, the Chinese English translation, the English translated into Chinese, PDF translation, all handmade, engaged in English Shanghai Longfeng should know foreign forum handmade hair was a very painful thing, did English chain knew. Sometimes a registered English forum can get you down.

Shanghai dragon can be said is a system engineering, Shanghai Longfeng results without any personal credit, but the Shanghai dragon team everyone responsibility, emotion, work environment will affect the entire Shanghai dragon team, so each team should have the Shanghai dragon to recognize the position and your responsibilities, don’t let the team or you he affects the entire team.

editor: provide high-quality content, accurate anchor text connection.

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