Read those years we caught up with Shanghai Longfeng knowledge

content is king, the chain for the emperor, Shanghai dragon industry has been circulating such a word, a few years ago, when you go to the interview with this sentence, I believe we can prove that they learned Shanghai Longfeng, at least for the industry had a certain understanding, but, now, if you go to the interview with this sentence, may not be so effective, after all, the industry is in progress, in change, what about this sentence, whether there is still such a reason?

and then after a period of time, the soft chain appeared, "

from the understanding of Shanghai dragon now has been more than 2 years, so long after the update algorithm of search engine again, also saw a lot of website up so when we from a rookie looking for those Shanghai dragon theory do you remember how much first, we once again in the forum continue to absorb knowledge, then think through the practice to let the knowledge revitalize it, how much do you use, then we, how many still in the Shanghai dragon road persists. In those years, we were chasing the Dragon knowledge in Shanghai.

with the development of the industry, slowly, forums and blogs have mass, a software group blog, has also appeared at that time, the group also contributed to the emergence of a large number of the chain search, there are more and more about some of the new sites available to have a lot of weight of the phenomenon, but slowly love Shanghai for new sites to do the adjustment, in some period of observation, assessment period, the chain, the chain query is still very fierce, can brush the chain, thousands of love types in Shanghai next day, standing there, when L-carnitine occupied when the love of Shanghai home. Love Shanghai mood.according, the algorithm updates, aiming at these stations are big clean up, then, the chain has appeared for the first time the decadent here. Imagine this time is how to occupy it, a lot of people through the analysis, is to establish a lot of domain name, and then between the domain name through the inside pages of articles are inserted into the keyword, then the overall shape of a large ring, and then the chain in a number of forums in sending these articles type, finally the introduction to this weight outer ring, the final overall ranking is very good, this is a cause that many people concern.

1: content is king, the chain for emperor

in the past few years, as long as you do outside the chain, in the forum, in the blog, in SNS, will have a great effect, in the forum, the signature is often the most effective way, and then in the blog, will appear constantly new blog, constantly maintain, continuously updated. Then leave the chain, and finally let the whole link to continue, at that time, just need the chain, I do the chain, and then casually on the network for the line, at that time the Shanghai dragon really is not now so many restrictions and fetters in those years, but it was only, in those years.

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