The old owners about the chain is important for Shanghai Dragon

said the Shanghai dragon, the first reaction of many people is outside the chain, the chain indeed plays a crucial role in Shanghai Longfeng rankings, external links can be said to be one of the most direct factor reflects the rankings shows that the chain is very large for the role of Shanghai dragon. This seemingly simple external links, actually do is not simple, especially we need to get a place at the same time through the chain, also want to get the weight value. The only way to complement each other, the chain will have the value chain, the largest value of course is to make the site get high weight, and good rankings.

external links quality is not only reflected in the quality of the site itself, choose to do the chain website, also want to pay attention to the relevance of the website, love Shanghai for the chain requirements requires high correlation, what is the relationship? Such as: your website is to read the novel under the load, then put your links in the same type of website, then this website external links for you is more valuable.

no matter how to change the search engine algorithm, the chain has an important position in Shanghai Longfeng ranking, to want to get high ranking webmaster, in short, think of ways to increase the chain to yourself. In fact, such work may seem simple, but really.

is finally on the high quality of the external links, we know how to get a chain is not difficult, but to have a good, effective external links is not easy, in addition to the Links outside, we can also get to buy the form of links, such as the purchase of only limited to high the quality of the link, if the other black hat chain do not consider.

Shanghai dragon ranking is a very important point is the weight, want to let their site weight distribution is wider, in fact, want the website to obtain higher weights, then the first thing you should to do so in the home, external links, should be divided into home, auxiliary form, weight from the front page of the page will be able to make better the site’s weight distribution. The weight of the site within the page above the home page is not conducive to the overall ranking of the website.

small chain appears to be simple, but the chain a lot of attention problems. The first is the external links, good and bad is directly affect the site’s ranking and weight. How to judge the link is good or bad? It is actually very simple, if you put your link on a long-term not update, or are full of advertising websites, websites such as a garbage dump, matters he can really bring the rankings for you?

black hat is Shanghai dragon taboo, no matter how you can like the water on the use of black hat, you don’t want to completely collapse overnight. But is the construction of the chain, or do the rankings are not half will be able to have the effect, if you even that patience, perseverance that can do, Shanghai dragon ranking will only tell you draw further apart, farther and farther.

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