How to combine the theory and practice of Shanghai Dragon

station optimization

station is to let everyone know the spider crawling, we do in the station optimization is to surround the search engine optimization of matching way, such as title, meta, ALT and so on, these are extracted from our website information in order to let the spider crawling our website can be better, and put forward the the website information is generally the most certainly stand keywords, and I say this as we all know, but said to be made one of theory and practice, so you may feel more difficult, in fact, do practice when there is a trick, we can be modified according to the theory, the theory of course is dead, is living and we can also modify the optimization in practice, this may also draw our own methods, it is recommended for some veteran, if you say Is a novice, you can put your understanding of the theory of full implementation on the site, of course, at the time of implementation will have some difficulties, so I will put my method to do the optimization of the write down, for you to practice the control, of course if you don’t agree with my method can be modified, if no improvement, you can be optimized according to my method, the following methods:

, a combination of theory and practice of

now has a lot of friends claiming to understand Shanghai dragon, but when it comes to practice but do not know where to start, or speaking of himself to the optimization of a site, there will be a lot of problems, such a situation is not the only rookie, some veteran Shanghai dragon will have the same problems, I say that not talk nonsense and I have a friend in Shanghai dragon, he spent 3 years in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, can be said to be a veteran in battle, but in some optimization problem and he will also very headache, certainly not because of his knowledge is not solid enough, not because of his lack of experience, he is no problem in theory and practice Shanghai dragon together, although he has done 3 years of Shanghai dragon, but for some Shanghai dragon’s theory of knowledge is not too familiar, though Know how to operate how to use, but he did not know the principle, so do mistakes resulted in him suffering when Shanghai dragon, so for the novice not to step into my friend’s footsteps, I would like to share my Shanghai dragon theory and practice together with experience, give us a look of course, I am not what textbooks, but some of my experience can help you novice and veteran of the Shanghai dragon successfully combine theory and practice, as the saying goes, the habit as a character, so in order to let everyone in the future study and work easier, to introduce the combination of experience the theory and practice of Shanghai Dragon:

: when we first optimize the code inside the station, the first step is to modify the code, so as to modify the code is to let our website, spider index grab information, so when will spiders crawl to our information transmission to the server when our position > in the rankings

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