Let the long tail keywords bring more traffic

4, through the tool to retrieve the long tail keywords

2, love Shanghai, Google

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in your site update and maintenance time, we should pay attention to the opponent’s website today to do what the opponent today with a new look at what opponents today and what are the long tail keywords, through the analysis of the website long tail keywords for their inspiration and thus to explore their website.

master keyKeywords

3, through the website of the other side

tightly around the master was expanded, modified the description of the main keywords, keywords like "long tail word", so we can have: "what is the word", "long tail word is to do what?" like the long tail word excavation will often make users feel cut, probability of users into the customer’s often will be great.

is a very important work for the optimization process of the entire site long tail keywords analysis and selection method, then I’ll grab a simple long tail keywords to share with you what I learned:

now, we can use these tools to dig the long tail keywords.

There is a special keyword analysis software of

website ranking is very high but not much traffic. We have to do a good keyword ranking is also very high, but why traffic has not been caught? Here is new Adsense tend to ignore things long tail word. The long tail word is generally composed of two, three times can also be composed of phrases, and then through the observation on their website found that the long tail word to attract users to their website home page I deeply brought more than words. This also shows that the long tail word is very important for the optimization of Shanghai dragon

finally close to the user, their conversion into user based on the user to your site what he wants, he will have what kind of problem, he will search what kind of words, do more close to the user’s long term, so the effect is the best. Lets the user friendliness of the site increase.

we’re going to search for a keyword, love Shanghai and Google will usually have some relevant keywords, which is what we call the long tail word.

share !So how are we going to get

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long tail keywords?

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