How to solve the problems in the chain optimization webmaster website

1. is the first chain back problem, we don’t do as well as the bottom of the head back to the chain in the chain of keywords, this does not have any meaning.


, three in the chain of misunderstanding

1.We know that the

two, chain operation

2. breadcrumbs do not have middle level (hidden level) such as the normal path we are ahitop >

The number above control

to control the first in number, a list of recommendations to control within 10, recommended when we should meet the specific demand level, in the two level to meet customer needs, such as selling the headset, we recommend four products in three below, a headset, a fish bone wound. We recommend fishbone winding to come up with the best most high quality and inexpensive for recommendation, a recommendation is to meet the needs of the most relevant, the secondary demand is recommend the best, the most high quality and inexpensive.

is now a website optimization basically has several parts: the chain within the chain + + quality + content promotion, within the chain as one of the most important factors play a significant role, there are a lot of owners in the layout of the chain is very headache, do not know how to layout, some owners will go very wrong inside chain the layout, in order to keywords ranking and wanton internal chain, even with a lot of keywords in the bottom of the site back to the chain, this is very harmful to our website, today to share with you some chain layout optimization steps, hope to help the webmaster confused.

to do within the chain layout ideas, if we are not in the chain to meet the user experience as the goal to do, that is wrong, we one hundred percent will use the means of cheating, and if we are to facilitate the users to find content or upgrade page conversion rate, for the purpose of chain layout optimization to enhance the user demand, that our ultimate achievement is the keyword ranking.

, a train of thought in the layout of the chainWe need to correct the chain layout before the

3. list of links to the operation of

page includes the weight of the website is on the link, and the anchor text connection is decided to vote at one of the keywords ranking factor, it is because of this principle, many owners will think a lot of links on the home page will help us collect and rank, but this argument is correct for the weight high the war of this principle, but for the low weight of new sites, station, this link will result in our collection of slow.

2. text link operation

link is not any article need to do, need to do are: technical articles, cultural articles, these articles have a technical term, we need to do the link to the user, can refer to the Google Webmaster Help, its text chain do very well; and the nature of our news the article do not need the text chain, if mandatory join keywords can be very dangerous.

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