Web site keywords ranking opponents out after experience

Hubei Bai Jie communication department, is specialized in the sales department telephone 400, Guo Yeye side just belongs to and sell, the company approved the production of their website, this website will make my predictions to the baidusa blog with rankings to what impact. The website has chosen on the platform, also appears to be more formal, although the overall site is not suitable for Shanghai Longfeng architecture, but they have very good technical support, this is a point I am eager to get help, I also eager to get technical team support, I have some envy! Alone in the fight is not as good as a team this point, I also know it! "


blog ranking I also wrote an article based on, as is about user adhesion, Guo Yeye has been given to this blog in the relevant keywords home position for long time, there is a very important function, the baidusa blog is not available, the platform function, this point relative to the row in the the other side of the company website, is a huge gap, which is not consistent with the requirements of the user experience love Shanghai. However, love Shanghai do not seem to have the ability to judge the database, my blog ranking is very stable, snapshot update also very diligent, in accordance with the basic requirements of Shanghai dragon continue to update this blog.

"Hubei 400 calls" target words, Guo Yeye baidusa sub domain do blog, ranking at the top of the first, the company name is Hubei Bai Jie Mdt InfoTech Ltd, our company is just the operation of cooperation with China Unicom, for all 400 Hubei enterprises to provide telephone service. Guo Yeye’s baidusa domain name has been more than a year history, weight is also not do, there are 400 projects in the phone to determine the company immediately after the start, after the update and the chain around one month increase, the words "Hubei 400" number of rows to the home page of the first position, and in the search company the name of the ranking also exists, then can receive some customer calls, and the words "Wuhan 400" number is on the rise, and soon rose to the home page, although not in the first place, I have been very pleased, a blog can do this position, has been very good.

Shanghai dragon in the process of competition is a key words encountered interesting things. In the rankings when stopped, should calm down, carefully summarize the experience, to analyze the competitors, so as to make the right decision. Don’t make a decision on impulse time, this time is very easy to commit irreparable mistake, such as sudden revision, remove all Links, most of the deleted site, these Yeye Guo has done, also experienced a corresponding punishment. Some time ago has been very infatuated with the blog promotion, the blog has a good ranking in many key words above, but there are a few words ranking is my eyes looked to be squeezed out. Analyzed the relationship with Shanghai, feel the love and weight to determine the site source, here describe after, actually should be described about the process of the experiment, the search engine is of course love Shanghai.

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