My site is included to share the experience of love Shanghai

on the website of graphic design on such a big effort, because I don’t understand the Shanghai dragon, and I have worked as a visitor to observe the site, many Shanghai Phoenix are optimized in order to optimize the website, do is stand in the Shanghai dragon angle to design, finally made out of the website is to look for the spider, but not for people to see. Personally think that this approach has deviated from the existing purpose and the purpose of the Shanghai dragon, the user experience is poor, if people find objectionable websites, even if the probability of potential users has opened the website of cooperation is relatively low.

Why do I have to

site simple is the people have been focusing on the web structure is relatively simple, but the content is very rich. Can let visitors quickly find what he needs page and consultation, to have the rich connotation of the website visitor’s soul into affinity. I believe we are very familiar with this, refreshing.

here is my website from the preliminary design, preparation, optimization of the filler content, on-line and on-line experience to write out for everyone to share, hope to some new Shanghai dragon and new Adsense help. Of course, I am also from December 20th began to study Shanghai dragon technology. Oh, so I again is a major share with all the preparatory affairs website.

is the first design the website architecture design and web page. The most important words in this stage is to stand on your client object (i.e. visitors) position to think about how your web site can be simple and generous, the two. First of all, graphic design and easy means that your site must do at least not ugly, not be the visitors have to resist, this or sounds feel very easy. Truly generous but not in fact redundancy of the artists is very demanding.

in the last second days of the new year, Shanghai finally awesome love. My new computer service center in Guangzhou from January 25th on the line after today is included. In fact, GG in 27 is collected, and collected all the inside pages, but we all know, love Shanghai friendly degrees of railway station is poor, so today was released, and only included the front page. But I am still very happy.

because of this direction, I on the site in the primary stage of the graphic design of the page layout is not modified the 5 times, accounted for more than all my time in the preparation of 1/3. Because I do not engage in the industry website, just do business, so the site is called my friend for help. In order to layout the website at all out of my friends a little impatient. Ha-ha。

is the second after the design and content of the site are filled with good, the next second steps is done on the basis of the optimization of Shanghai dragon, and optimize the degree to handle just perfect, it is necessary to take into account the user experience, but also optimize the Shanghai dragon, such as the words home page within the accumulation of rich construction >

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