The method of operation of high quality of Shanghai dragon Forum

7. other ?

advocating freedom of occupation.

4. high school and college students.

any products are the first analysis of the user, only fully understand the user’s thoughts and needs, in order to launch a good product for the user, to meet the needs of users at the same time, to maximize their own profits. As the site of the Shanghai dragon forum is a kind of product, of course, there are also analyzed user problems. Shanghai Longfeng forum users is what people

6. love online business but the lack of funds.

Two, Shanghai dragon "on The launch of The birth of

yo Shanghai dragon believes that the common characteristics of the young users: A.; B. Internet time; C. has a strong dream of wealth; D. strong one (some people need to guide the Wangzhuan E. times) a relatively strong sense; F. has strong ambition. This part of the crowd, the general education level is not very high, to the understanding degree of Shanghai Longfeng, successfully passed the Shanghai dragon vision is not the same, thus different learning and mastering of Shanghai Longfeng purpose. But one purpose is exactly the same, that is to make money by Shanghai dragon.

, a Shanghai dragon forum user analysis

5. occupation income is not high, and time on the Internet, and hope to increase wealth through the network group.

1. I hope and believe that the higher the higher group.

Internet, information exchange and dissemination of innovative channels, diversified channels for people to publish or obtain information, opening up a new era of media channels, spawned a variety of every hue website, rich people exchange and way of life, but also the media are full of all kinds of information, which brings convenient uneven in quality. Happy to people at the same time, also will bring different degree of annoyance. The website is jumbly, allows people to choose a suitable site to meet their needs appeared different degree of inconvenience. So in the process of market competition, how to make users more convenient access to information, how to let the user get information, avoid junk information, in order to survive, the search engine will undertake this arduous task. So the search engine algorithm and adjust to all kinds of websites, the survival of the fittest, so how to build a high quality website will become the majority of owners can not be avoided. Of course, as a website, forum will also face this problem. The network method on how to run the site there are many webmasters to share the experience is worth learning. The advantages of Shanghai dragon only especially on the topic of a Shanghai dragon forum, say for personal views how to create a high quality of Shanghai dragon forum.

2. entrepreneurial Indoorsman Indoorswoman who love.

8. Shanghai Longfeng exchange.

3. in search of work difficulty just graduated from college.

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