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first, personal feel to determine a suitable topic is very important, the second is the video creative, is what is to attract the audience’s attention. How to make video creative, and being able to love? So, you should put the most important characteristics of enterprise products and the most hot events combine to create a natural, real, credible viral video. A case is best done in this field should be Mengniu, in 2008 during the Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic Games launched 5 Olympic Fuwa, Fuwa cute image is loved by people of all countries. Mengniu and make full use of the Olympic Games this hot spot, making a Mengniu "milk", "lovely small milk" with the Olympic Games together, love the Olympic Games, the Olympic publicity, and more publicity the Mengniu, Mengniu is the full use of its own characteristics, and will be a the success of the video marketing itself in nowadays the most hot events together.


the following Ye Dehua some thoughts on video marketing to talk about personal, hope to help novice network, need to pay attention, this article mainly discusses the network video marketing, video of the network outside but more about.

video production is the premise of network video marketing, a good video for marketing effect will be particularly large. Some time ago, "Gangnam Style" special fire, fire to lead to the end of the world. Imagine if this video was inserted into some advertising words (hypothesis: a company’s products appear in the video XX), then the advertising effect will be very obvious, "Gangnam Style" is hundreds of millions of people to watch, then it will spread to hundreds of millions of viewers. So, how should the network video

video marketing is a distinctive way of marketing. In daily life, video advertising is very common, when we are watching TV, always can see that never put them before, I will be on these ads very disgusted, and now because of interested in media and marketing, so it is not too hate, more focus is spent look at the ads above. In the network life, video advertising is through the Internet to watch video It is often seen., is already a trend, the major video sites are advertising revenue source of profit, one of the most important titles or video ads and commercials for advertisers to say, this is the video marketing.

of course, the above mentioned are generally sites or personal strength, the foundation can be done, and for the Internet grassroots, no money, energy, the ability to make their own video, so how to do video marketing? Ye Dehua is a grassroots, I will simply mention here under my video production method. First, the use of existing video video chain. When I saw a good film and TV time, I will love you, intercept interesting part of the system, then.

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