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the next chapter: how that included mechanism of love Shanghai, enhance the website


If you ask the sun

small house search engine is what? It generally has two kinds: the answer is not love Shanghai, Google…… (the name of the website they say it, if not used search will not know what). There is a lot of data collecting system, it will display the search to find relevant content (V). The author believes that those who provide the data searching method, it is a search engine. Have you thought of, in addition to the use of what had just mentioned do not use other search engines? Then you will know you did not leave the original search engine every hour and moment, do not believe that it would now find a case for a demonstration……

is the best on the computer to create a new folder, and then you feel more important for daily use and some photos and documents…… Copy in, according to a variety of ways to try to sort, using different methods to find the file you want to make it in the front row. Practice a little more advanced is the establishment of a small database, then some data in the daily guide, and then run the SQL different multi condition combination query statement to the content you want. Such a boring play "game" what role? Because this is a simplified version of the basic search engine, how to determine the output of the most fundamental understanding of data sorting. Love Shanghai, Google and other search engines are said to have hundreds of factors to determine the ranking, so webmaster must know how many comprehensive factors to estimate the search engine is how to sort the contents of the output.

The experimental method of


please open your computer C drive, and then press Ctrl+F to a local search box, and then enter a "a" or "Win" press enter, this time the search results and click the right mouse button, there will be a lot of sort: time, type, size, name…… In fact, this is the ancestor of the search engine. Try a few times the input text, and then to sort in different ways. Like so many simple, small search engine, such as Sina, the domestic NetEase website search, there are a variety of CMS, the forum comes with a search function, the most typical example is the small house sun blog standing inside the search is a simple search engine.

search engine how changes are regularly according to certain search algorithm, finally according to the content of the corresponding output ranking.

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