Every secret in the Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo

first_imgResident Evil made its triumphant return to horror this E3 with the reveal of Resident Evil 7. Fans of the series have been clamoring for an installment that evokes the same dread as the originals, and if the atmosphere of the Beginning Hour teaser is anything to go by, they’re about to get it.Taking a page out of the Silent Hills “P.T.” demo, both in game design and depth, the Beginning Hour teaser was chock full of hints, lore and secrets that paint a picture of the game to come.Here is every secret in the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo.ItemsStarting RoomFireplace ChainWhile players often discover the chain through their first playthrough of the demo by visiting “VHS world,” it can actually be accessed immediately, opening up a different chain of events for the demo.Torn NoteImmediately on the coffee table once you take control of the player character is an ominous note reading, “I shall dash them against the stones.” The note can be rotated, but there is nothing else on the back. Once you return from “VHS world,” however, the note will be moved directly in front of you near the television, with a new message: “I shall dash YOU against the stones.”Television & VHS PlayerTo the left of the torn note is a television and an old VHS player. Once you acquire the VHS tape, this serves as a gateway to “VHS world,” where players take control of a cameraman in the past before the present day and open up new details around the derelict house.PianoVeterans of the series might spot the piano in the starting room and jet over to play a little “Moonlight Sonata,” but the fallboard will slam shut immediately. While it could just be the devs having a little fun, perhaps the piano holds more than is revealed.FuseThere are multiple endings in Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour, and obtaining the fuse opens up quite a few of them. The fuse can be immediately obtained right from the start, but is often missed during the first playthrough. Simply look to the right and pull the secret chain in the fireplace to open the secret passage early. The fuse is sitting on the end table on the left. Using the fuse with the fuse box allows access to the third floor and the phone.Fuse BoxBefore leaving the starting room, you’ll see a fuse box on the wall with a single fuse missing. You can either acquire the fuse by opening the secret passage early, or you can finish the demo normally. Using the fuse opens up access to the third floor and the three phone endings.Backdoor KeyAfter your trip down memory lane in “VHS world,” you’ll be able to pull the lever in the fireplace and find the door to the exit lying in front of the hole on the right. If you immediately open this door to get the fuse, the key will not be present.First HallwayDummy FingerThe greatest conundrum of the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo, a seemingly useless item with no identifiable purpose… so far. Gamers everywhere have been trying to wrap their heads around the dummy finger since the teaser dropped, but to no avail. The mysterious item can be found in the first drawer on the right in the first hallway once you leave the starting room. Although the various mannequins littered around would be the obvious answer, the dummy finger doesn’t seem to interact with anything in the derelict house. Perhaps, however, the true nature of the item is yet to be revealed.Second FloorThird Floor SwitchIf you’ve used the fuse, a switch can be used on the second floor to bring down the stairs to the third floor. If you have the fuse, you’ve already triggered events to achieve the phone endings. Up the stairs on the third floor is another mannequin and a phone that starts mysteriously ringing.Third FloorPhoneOn the third floor, a phone starts ringing in a nearby room. Depending on your activities throughout the demo thus far, a voice comes over the line to recite either; “You will have to say goodbye eventually. But will you be ready?” “You have the power to choose. But the outcome of that choice may not be what you expect,” or “Memories hold the truth. Don’t let appearances mislead you,” before the demo abruptly ends.Helicopter PhotographNext to the phone is a photograph depicting a helicopter brandishing the Umbrella logo, the villainous corporation behind the series’ events. Like the torn note, this item can be rotated, revealing a message. Scrawled on the back, someone has written, “Are they watching us from that helicopter?”KitchenRefrigeratorWhen you first enter the kitchen, there are a number of items to interact with, the largest and most obvious being the refrigerator. Players that stomach up the nerve to take a peek inside are greeted with a jar that slips out and shatters, revealing some kind of bloody mass, and a number of bags full of rotting… something.MicrowaveRight next to the refrigerator is the microwave, containing a rotting crow. Interestingly enough, there is a sticker on the side of the microwave, which reads “Simplygon,” the name of a real-world 3D optimization company used by Capcom. The sticker is probably just a shoutout to the company, but perhaps it’s hinting at their involvement with Resident Evil 7.PotIn the center of the room is a pot, surrounded by rotten food and decrepit dinnerware. Opening the pot causes roaches to pour out of the disgusting concoction, with one of the friendlier roaches climbing onto the players arm before being swatted away.AxeIf you used the lock pick in “VHS world,” the drawer in the blue cabinet in the kitchen will be open, revealing the games first and only offensive item: the axe. The weapon can be used on a number of destructible items around the derelict house, but like the dummy finger, its true purpose is still being explored. Being a weapon, you may assume it would be the key to defending yourself from the demo’s antagonist, but no alternative to the teaser’s final moments has been discovered.Backdoor HallwayArmoireIn the hallway outside the kitchen, a bolted armoire with what appears to be police tape can be found on the right. Locked inside is the VHS tape, but the bolt cutters are required.Bolt CuttersThe bolt cutters can be found sticking out of one of the carcasses near the backdoor at the other end of the derelict house. They can be used on the chains locking the armoire, opening up a new part of the demo.VHS TapeWithin the armoire lies the VHS tape, which can be inserted into the VCR in the starting room, opening up “VHS world.” Players take control of a cameraman who visited the house some time before the player character and are able to open up access to a few new items and routes in the present.VHS WorldLock PickWithin “VHS world,” a few noticeable details are slightly different than the present day version of the derelict house. Once you enter, you’ll walk past the carcass room, through the hallway and into the kitchen. If you look in between the gap near the microwave and the refrigerator, you’ll find a lock pick, which unlocks the drawer on the opposite side of the room. Oddly enough, this drawer is also locked in the present, but is unlocked if you use the item in the past.Details & CluesSurgical ToolsOn the coffee table with the torn note in the starting room, there appears to be bloody surgical tools scattered around, a detail missing in “VHS world.” The same type of tools can be found in the drawer with the dummy finger, as if removing it was the cause of all the blood….Hallway LampImmediately when you leave the starting room, there is a lamp in the hallway. Some may brush this off as an atmospheric detail, but it begins flickering after the VHS tape is acquired. Additionally, when approached, something can be heard growling and knocking against the boarded up door in the voodoo doll room.Voodoo DollsDespite the zombies and giant snakes, the Resident Evil series has always been somewhat rooted in reality, but the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo appears to be taking a turn for the paranormal. In the room under the stairs, you’ll find a boarded up door and what appear to be woven dolls hanging from strings. Like the surgical tools, these are missing from “VHS world.”Carcasses & Meat HookIn the room with the bolt cutters, animal carcasses are strewn about and what appears to be a meat hook is attached to the wall. If the player ventures to the past in “VHS world,” neither the carcasses nor the hook contraption are present. The back door also appears to be different, replaced with a newer, red door in the present.Baby DollIn the same room with the carcasses, a disfigured baby toy falls from the ceiling once the bolt cutters are picked up. Oddly enough, if you look upward before picking up the bolt cutters, there is no apparent hole or trap door for the toy to fall from.MannequinsOn the second floor, immediately to the left there are three mannequins with their backs to the player. If you explore the room a little more and turn your back to the mannequins, they’ll be facing you the next time you look at them. If that wasn’t creepy enough, when you turn the corner, a fourth mannequin will appear in front of the stairs.Fourth MannequinOn the second floor, a fourth mannequin appears once you turn your back to the group of three. If you have the axe, the group of three mannequins appears to be indestructible, but the fourth mannequin is completely destructible. Appendages can be chopped off and the body can be pushed around the derelict house. Don’t even try to use the dummy finger on it, though. We’ve already tried that.HeadphonesAlthough there appears to be nothing else on the second floor, in “VHS world,” there are a pair of headphones lying on the table. Savvy horror gamers will remember that using your headphones and microphone could trigger certain events in the Silent Hills “P.T.” demo, and gamers have been experimenting with similar techniques in the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour teaser. The headphones’ secrets, however, have yet to be discovered.Fifth MannequinTowards the end of the demo, if you’re pursing Ending A, a fifth mannequin falls into frame when you approach the doorway between the kitchen and the backdoor hallway. Much like the fourth mannequin, this one can be destroyed using the axe. What separates these mannequins from the three on the second floor, however, is unknown.Sixth MannequinOn the third floor, a final destructible mannequin can be found in the phone room, opposite the table. While the other two ambitiously try to frighten you, this one is a bit more timid and merely watches you answer the phone.Ghost SightingsThe ghost may or may not appear in these locations during a single visit to “VHS world.” Two to three sightings happen during each visit, and these are all possible locations.OutsideAround the derelict house in the past, glimpses of an apparition can be seen out of the corner of your eye from time to time. If you know where to look, however, you can get a better view of the ghostly woman. The first sighting occurs outside the house in VHS world before your crew breaks in. When you approach the backdoor, look to the left, past the railing of the porch. Once Andre asks if you’re rolling, you’ll see the ghost appear.Backdoor HallwayOnce you break into the house, follow your crew down the backdoor hallway. When you’re about halfway to the kitchen, turn around to find the ghost stalking you. She can appear in a number of positions, from directly behind you to hanging upside down from the ceiling.Kitchen WindowWhen Andre is talking about the residents, Jack and Marguerite Baker, peek through the window behind him, next to the microwave to find the ghost eavesdropping on the discussion. Rude.Second Floor StairsWhen Pete begins to look for Andre, follow closely and take a look at the stairs as soon as he’s out of your way. The ghost will be standing there briefly before vanishing.Voodoo RoomStick with Pete as he walks down the hallway and you’ll be able to spot the ghost as he shines his light into the voodoo room under the stairs.Hallway CeilingAs you’re walking past the voodoo room, turn around and you’ll spot the ghost hanging upside down from the ceiling.Secret PassageAs soon as Pete opens the secret passage, get to the ladder as fast as you can and start to head down. When Clancy’s view whips back around front, you’ll be able to spot the ghost before climbing down.EndingsEnding A: EscapeRetrieve the bolt cutters to obtain the VHS tape. Make your way to the television and access “VHS world.” After the location of the secret chain is revealed, open the secret passage in the present to find the backdoor key next to the hole. Use it on the backdoor to finish the demo.Ending B: Fuse + PhoneInstead of making your way to the bolt cutters, immediately pull the secret chain to open the secret passage early and you’ll find the fuse on the table to the left. Use it on the fuse box to bring power to the third floor switch. Bring down the stairs and you’ll hear a phone ringing. Answer the phone to complete the demo.Ending C: Speed + PhoneLike Ending B, immediately use the secret chain to open the secret passage early and grab the fuse. Once you have it, sprint to the fuse box and use it. You’ll want to sprint because for this ending, speed is a factor. Sprint to the third floor stairs button and get access upstairs. Now, try to walk upstairs backwards, keeping the mannequins in your line of sight so they don’t turn around. Once you’re upstairs and the phone begins to ring, you can take your eyes off the mannequins and sprint to the phone. You’ll receive a new message and the demo will be complete.Ending D: All ActionsThis is the longest ending, as it requires you to do almost every possible action in the demo. Start off by once again opening the secret passage early and obtain the fuse. Instead of using it on the fuse box, go get the bolt cutters and get the VHS tape. Complete your trip to “VHS world” and go back in the secret passage to now find the backdoor key. Use the key, but do not open the door. Instead, go use the fuse box and gain access to the third floor. Answer the phone and receive the third and final message.last_img

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