CSR Racing generates 12 million a month despite being a free app

first_imgA free iOS app, CSR Racing, is currently generating $12 million a month despite being free to download and play. The drag racing game, which was revealed and shown off at Apple’s last conference, has generated all its profit from IAP, you know, in-app purchases.In-app purchases allow players to buy items they could not otherwise earn or to speed up their progress within a game. They are found in most free-to-play games, from MMO’s to Facebook games, and have become widely accepted as the perfect way to make money off of something which, in it’s basic form, is free.In CSR Racing, players can buy gold (in-game cash), speed up delivery of cars, boosts, and other perks, all in exchange for real cash. Of course, the game is perfectly playable without these purchases but progress is much slower and to get to the top of those leader boards, players need those extra boosts.It seems quite a few players are tempted by ranking high on the leaderboards, players can pay up to $100 to fill their virtual vaults with virtual gold and cash.This shows just how successful free-to-play games can be, just how far removed free-to-play is from “free”. Additionally it’s a worrying report for paid for games, who try to get their money upfront but then often close to door to squeezing additional cash from their users. And with mobile games not only beginning to dominate the market, but also starting to make real money, how long until consoles start feeling the squeeze?Games Industry via thesixthaxislast_img

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