National Unfriend Day is Today

first_imgWe’re not expecting you to take all of your marching ordersfrom a late night comedian (and, let’s face it, when push comes to shove, he’sno Conan), but it’s certainly a good excuse to reexamine some of those tenuousonline connections. Video of the holiday after the jump. Happy National Unfriend Day! Don’t see the holiday onyour calendar? Sorry, you’re going to have to take our word for it. After all,it’s a fairly new event, having been declared earlier month by late night talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel (I bet you didn’t know that the job description bestowedsuch honors).Kimmel has declared today a day for “cutting the fat” onyour social networking connections. As he put it,Remember five years ago when no one was on Facebook and youdidn’t know what the guy you took high school biology with was having forlunch?  Remember how that was fine? Let’sgo back to that.last_img

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