Puerto Sagunto signs Pablo Hernandez and Mirko Milasevic

hernandezmilasevicmirko milasevicpablo hernandezpuerto saguntosagunto ← Previous Story Hombrados badly injures crucial ligament, at least six months out Next Story → Bojinovic and Honrubia return for Paris HC Spanish Goalkeeper Pablo Hernandez and Montenegrin Mirko Milasevic are the new names that reinforce Fertiberia Puerto Sagunto. Pablo Hernandez has lots of experience in ASOBAL, having previously played for Portland San Antonio, Teka Santander, BM Valladolid and BM Aragon. Milasevic (27), the Montenegrin international, has played for Labaro Toledo, Alcobendas and HSC Surh Aarau. The new signings for the club are thanks to the new sponsor that joined the club and replaced Alser.source: marca.es

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