Security Council hails interState commission on CroatiaFR Yugoslavia issues

Briefing reporters following closed-door consultations, Ambassador Jagdish Koonjul of Mauritius said Council members also expressed support for the ongoing bilateral talks between the Croatian and Yugoslav authorities, requesting both parties to keep the Council informed regularly on the progress made.During its closed meeting, an official of the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping told the Council that the situation on the ground was “very calm,” according to the President. Ambassador Koonjul added that the Council planned to adopt a resolution on Tuesday extending the current mandate of the UN Mission of Observers in Prevlaka (UNMOP) for six months.Such an extension was recommended by Secretary-General Kofi Annan in his latest report on UNMOP, which is monitoring the demilitarization of the Prevlaka peninsula – a strategic area disputed by Croatia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

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