Breaking: Aputure Releases Their New Line of Light-Shaping Accessories

first_imgAputure has released 5 new accessories that will elevate your lighting game to a whole new level. Here’s what you need to know.Aputure has been a staple in the PremiumBeat office for a while now. We use their lights for everything from lighting product shots to entire sets — you name it, we’ve lit it with their lights. That’s why we are extremely excited to see their new lineup of lighting accessories, which includes some long-awaited products such as barn doors and an impressive collaboration with Chimera.Here are the details. The Light Dome IIThe Aputure Light Dome is one of the most versatile soft boxes on the market, and the Mark II is no different. It comes with a revamped silver coating for maximum reflection and a “5 Second Build” redesign so you can get the soft box out and assembled in under five seconds, saving you from wrestling with a fixture for 10 minutes.The Light Dome comes with two different types of cloth that you can attach to the dome for ultra-soft diffusion: the traditional Silk Cloth and the new Magic Cloth, which provides you with even more diffusion. It also includes a fabric grid to help focus your light beam to 40 degrees. As an added bonus, they have also included an attachable gel holder to help you get the exact lighting setup your shot requires.Pricing: $219.00 USDThe Light Dome Mini IIWant the perfect portable lighting companion for a shallower, wider spread of light? Then the Light Dome Mini II is for you. This mini soft box is great if you are a doing run-and-gun setup and need to pack light, or if you’re shooting in a smaller area. The Light Dome Mini II comes with some of the same upgrades as the Light Dome II, such as the easy setup design, gel holder, and a fabric grid.Pricing: $129.00Aputure X Chimera LightBankLooking to get some filmmaking clout by owning your own Chimera gear? Well, now’s your chance.Aputure has teamed up with the leader in film lighting diffusion, Chimera, to release the new LightBank accessory that accompanies Aputure’s flagship panel light, the LS-1. This diffusion powerhouse combo will be a great addition to the already-great LS-1, and it features new additions such as two diffusion cloths that you can use separately or together. It’s designed to fit intuitively onto your LS-1 to handle any set conditions, so if you’re recording in the arctic tundra with 80-mph winds, the last thing you will have to worry about is the LightBank falling off. You can think about frostbite instead.Pricing: $249.00EZ Box+ IIDesigned specifically for the Amaran line of Aputure lights (AL-528, HR672 or Tri-8), the EZ Box+ II is for the indie filmmaker on the go. It is pre-built with foldable rods, so assembly takes only a matter of seconds. The EZ Box+ II can increase your light area by 150%, and you can control and center it with an included fabric grid that brings your light source to a 35-degree beam angle. This thing is incredibly portable and reliable, so if you’re looking for something to accompany you on your filmmaking journeys, this box is for you.Pricing: $65.00Aputure BarndoorsDesigned specifically for the 120 series and 300d lights, the new Aputure Barndoors are your solution for getting precise lighting setups in no time. These barn doors come with a velvet fabric interior that prevents any light leaks, giving you the ability to detail your light however you want it. The barn doors also come with a magnetic gel holder for hot-swapping your different gels in record time.Pricing: $59.00All images via Aputure.last_img

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