A large local music dance poem paradise full of praise from heaven

in April 25th, by the Xining city and hundreds of performers and large local dance poem "Tianyu paradise", after a month of time, in several first-tier cities tour, with all the praise of the audience to return to Xining.

performance market, to open the Xining art show at the beginning of this year, the company has with Chengdu, Xi’an, more than 30 foreign Changsha theatre company signed a "paradise" Horizon tour contract, trying to bring out the Province native cultural products. This tour, "heaven" by many foreign domain audience. Many people watching the show, there is a new awareness and understanding of Qinghai’s regional, cultural and plateau myth, revealed the great beauty of Qinghai, the summer capital Xining yearning.

according to reports, this is the combination of Xining local culture and the summer tourism development plays a beneficial attempt. During the off-season, go out publicity Xining, the tourist season is returned to the local resident performances. (author: Yang Jian)

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