Chengdong District of Xining city to collect anti corruption ideas

is effective to strengthen the "clean East" construction, the full use of "clean the Eastern" WeChat public service platform, through regular selection of text and picture, released the anti-corruption work information, timely understanding of the masses at the same time, through the interactive needs of the anti-corruption work, take the initiative to the jurisdiction of the masses for anti-corruption the comments and suggestions to improve the ability of anti-corruption work.

asked the anti-corruption suggestions at the same time to the jurisdiction of the masses in the initiative, the district also send cadres to participate in the Commission’s new County Commission for Discipline Inspection and the provincial Commission for discipline inspection training trial business training courses, study investigating cases, trial work in new ways, and continuously improve the ability and level of the case. In addition, the region is still carried out in order to "Party discipline, promoting honest and diligent" as the theme of "Party discipline education campaign, party secretary held on independent lectures, special counseling learning" Xi Jinping on anti-corruption struggle "also discussed excerpts (work), requires each Party committee, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of" top leaders "positive independent lectures, strengthen cadres independent consciousness, build a strong moral defense of cadres.


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