Data collection and reporting of the asset management information system of the administrative insti

for strengthening the administrative institutions of state-owned assets management, promote asset management informationization of administrative institutions, according to the Ministry of Finance and the Provincial Department of Finance on the implementation of the asset management information system of administrative institutions (hereinafter referred to as the "information system") and the requirements of the unified deployment, the city information system implementation work officially launched in May this year. Before the construction of the city’s information system platform has been completed, asset data collection, audit, report and summary analysis of work completed.

Implementation of the

system, the City Finance Bureau and the district (county) financial departments were developed to implement the work plan, set up a leading group for the implementation of the work, clear responsibilities and division of labor, to ensure the implementation of the organization. First, do a good job of training. The implementation of information systems and personnel training organized 18, training staff of 2200 people, through training, asset management staff mastered the system software operation rules, in order to promote the implementation of the system to lay a solid foundation; the two is to build a system platform. Our city information system using the "fiscal centralization" deployment model, system platform based on the Municipal Finance Bureau, September 2nd to complete the construction of hardware and software environment of the system platform and installation work; three is to carefully examine the data, timely reporting of data. The work involves a wide range of time, large amount of the implementation of the system, the Department in charge of financial departments at all levels, and each unit on the go all round the clock, and the Department and the Department of fixed assets to verify each asset accounts, cards, table, September 30th to complete the entire audit unit data and report to the Municipal Finance Bureau system platform four; is to overcome the difficulties, to complete the data collection analysis. According to the software design of this system is complex, many practical problems appeared in the process of application, the financial departments at all levels actively cooperate, timely communication, analyze and solve all kinds of difficult problems that appear in the summary data, ensure the analysis work on time reported to the provincial finance department and the data collection system.

according to the asset information system statistics, the city to participate in the information system of units of a total of 1208 households, of which 364 households: administrative units, institutions 844; entry of fixed assets 786 thousand and 300 card, including: administrative units 55 thousand and 300, 731 thousand units; the city’s administrative units 3 billion 994 million 490 thousand yuan worth of fixed assets, including: administrative unit 1 billion 30 million 80 thousand yuan, accounted for 25.79% of fixed assets; institutions of 2 billion 964 million 410 thousand yuan, accounting for the city’s fixed assets 74.21%.

through the implementation of the information system, to build a platform for assets management of administrative institutions in our city, promote the informatization of assets management of administrative institutions, further to find out the assets of administrative institutions, for the full realization of administrative institutions assets dynamic supervision and scientific management laid the foundation.


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