Eight bright spots to let science day

In September 19th 2015, Xining city national science popularization day launch ceremony, the science day held a series of activities during the period from September 19th to 25, with "innovation, embrace the wisdom of life" as the theme, with "innovation to lead the new normal and innovative achievement of my dreams, innovation helps me the wisdom of life as the main content, to further create a love of science and science, science, science with a good atmosphere. Eight bright spots this year, the city’s Science Day activities brilliant.

highlights: the morning of September 19th, I held the theme of the campaign in the town square, in each unit to display panels, and health consultation, clinic and propaganda materials of science popularization.

two highlights: "Xining science" and "WeChat platform to start, Xining City 10000 people science prize quiz" also started, until September 28th 18 when the answer time from the end of September 19th 9, is equipped with a number of awards, encourage the public to actively participate in.

Three Highlights: popular theatrical performances for the public offer in field of science and entertainment as one of the spiritual feast.

four highlights: for the city grassroots Science Action Plan "project award for awarding units.

five highlights: Science caravan car exhibits will be on display in succession in three county area four.

six highlights: Science volunteers into the village school, the children’s palace to carry out all kinds of propaganda and scientific activities.

seven highlights: all kinds of learning activities in order to carry out.

eight highlights: according to the scientific quality of work requirements, focus on Science Day theme, the farmers training on practical technology, science lectures, science communities and other activities to each county.  

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