Lanzhou Xining west section of the FB try harmony EMU early next month unveiled in Qinghai

With second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Xinjiang section FBI test, Lanzhou Gansu high-speed rail segment is Lanzhou West to Xining will begin testing the FBI in the early August, when the new harmony EMU will debut with Qinghai. In the FBI test and the preparatory work on the basis of the masses of all ethnic groups, Gan Xinqing long-awaited Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway will be fully operational through the end of this year.

it is understood that the current construction of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway before the opening is being stepped up in. Lanzhou Gansu second section communication signal engineering commissioning has been started in April. Gansu Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway section is 1066km, the project is designed according to the above national railway grade double passenger train speed of 200 km / h. Communications, signal systems engineering, including Lanzhou, Xining two hubs (EMU, high-speed field, general speed field), along a total of 21 stations, the relay station 45. At present, the relevant departments of the railway bureau is preparing for the joint commissioning. The FBI tried using high-speed test train test equipment, in the opening of the railway operator before the test run, gradually tested along the rail, contact, communication, signal and other equipment, and according to the test results to adjust the defects found, until the whole system and the system to meet the high-speed operation and dynamic acceptance traffic requirements, make full preparations for the smooth realization of the end of the year.

second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway as key national railway construction projects, the construction length of 1776 kilometers, across the Northwest China’s Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang 3 provinces, from Lanzhou through Xining to Urumqi, is China’s first high-speed railway construction in high altitude areas.


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