9 most beautiful people in Huangyuan was commended

In them, there is a quality worthy, there is a spirit through the ages; on them, there is a feeling there is a touching, inspiring pride. On the morning of September 16th, Huangyuan’s first "most beautiful Huangyuan people" ceremony was held in the stone carving square. The first selected the most beautiful people in Huangyuan made a great contribution to the health of Huangyuan foreign friends in Huangyuan Tibetan village to lead the masses to build up the family fortunes a good secretary, long time as relatives generally take good care of sick neighbor model, after the death of her husband still carry the burden of her good daughter-in-law filial piety…… Their story, after the Xining Evening News reported a strong social repercussions. Huangyuan local people after reading the report all thumbs praised: "they are really the most beautiful people in Huangyuan, we support and encourage and reward the government for good, we Huangyuan needs more good people, they are a model, we have to learn from them." "9 people from different positions of the most beautiful people in Huangyuan, have different experiences and different stories, but they use the same good moral, the same good behavior, to the people left a lot of shock and moved. The transfer of their deeds, is a positive energy of the spirit is It’s perfection itself., their inherent in Huangyuan, they are the pride of the people of Huangyuan, is an outstanding representative of the Huangyuan spirit and the social justice." Huangyuan County, a person in charge of such evaluation. The reporter learned that, in recent years, Huangyuan County adhere to the civilized city as an opportunity to vigorously promote the building of citizen morality, nurture and practice the socialist core values, promote the Chinese traditional virtues, promote a new era of style, promote social justice, create all kinds of colorful civilization, the emergence of a large number of helpfulness, filial piety, unremitting self-improvement and dedication the dedication of the moral model and advanced individual. On the same day by the recognition of the most beautiful people in Huangyuan, with their own practical action, in ordinary life, the ordinary post reflects the extraordinary and great, reflects the love and warmth, is the 140 thousand Huangyuan’s moral model and outstanding representative.  

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