Hunan China the first pioneering innovation summit held

positive response to the national call "public entrepreneurship, innovation, has become a significant symbol of the era. After nearly two months of intense preparations, "Chinese, set up!" as the theme of the 2015 Hunan first innovation summit opened in Changsha in the morning, many well-known experts and scholars, entrepreneurs in the Star Star City, gave a feast for the wisdom from inside and outside the province more than one thousand entrepreneurs in various fields. The following for this event, and small series of specific understanding.

as one of the important activities of small and medium-sized enterprises in Hunan province public service platform’s hosting of the 2015, the summit aims to respond to the Party Central Committee and the State Council "public entrepreneurship, innovation" appeal, combining the current situation of the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in Hunan Province, Hunan stimulate hit off the passion, but also fully embodies the Hunan public service platform for SMEs to the "hit off the strong support and assistance.

the summit by the morning of the general assembly and the theme of the 5 members of the afternoon. The famous media people Luo Changping, "Three Fathers" and co-founder of CEO Dai Saiying, Hunan local well-known scholars such as Wang Lin and expert has on the big coffee business of current social and economic hotspots and entrepreneurs are most concerned about issues in thousands of the general assembly has been performed to share the theme.

theme of the afternoon is well-known venture branch big coffee by the Hunan local dominant, closely linked to Internet theme, respectively on the hot topic of community economy, Internet plus user experience, the current hot economic and entrepreneurial social concern and discussion.


organizing committee official said, in the current business has become a hot topic in society under the background of the times, held the summit clarify business ideas to help the majority of entrepreneurs, to enhance the ability of entrepreneurship, it has great significance to solve the problems and confusion in the process of entrepreneurship. At the same time, after the end of the summit, entrepreneurs can still participate in other activities organized by the theme of the organizing committee, the ability to learn and enhance the ability to carry out a deeper, multifaceted.


summit meeting of the Hunan Provincial Commission by letter, Changsha City Federation of industry and Commerce and other relevant departments to guide, sponsored by the Changsha Internet Financial Association, business association, the Secretary of Hunan Province, APP network service platform for small and medium enterprises and other units.

The process of entrepreneurship and innovation in

, although it will encounter a series of problems, but the state and local governments pay high attention to the development of local positive characteristics, mining innovation and entrepreneurship, to provide innovative platform for more talents, so as to promote a series of innovative birth.

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