150 call the car to solve the public taxi difficult

morning and evening peak hit the car? Back street lane can not see the car? Hurry to catch the plane train no car? Such a taxi is difficult to gradually disappear. Call a taxi, as a convenience for people to travel new things, will soon come to the public. In March 10th, the city call taxi pilot hearings, "according to a Xining city taxi call project trial operation plan" hearing, effectively solve the special groups and the general population the special needs of car call taxi will take the public bus mode, intends to put on call 150 taxi call service fees to 5 yuan / times, the starting price of 15 yuan (including 3 km), one kilometer freight 1.8 yuan / km.
four demand call call service

needs a: ease a car is hard to find

taxi difficult phenomenon is widespread, especially the rush hour, in the larger flow of people and downtown area, can be described as a car is hard to find". The implementation of the taxi call project will increase capacity delivery, to enhance the overall capacity of the taxi carrier. At the same time, by appointment call habits gradually develop, can guide the public order to avoid it, so as to effectively alleviate the taxi difficult problem.

needs two: fine rental service

call taxi service belongs to the taxi industry market segments, which can effectively solve the old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant special groups of people travel demand and the general population in the special period of time, area, weather travel demand, will alleviate the congestion of the city, promote energy-saving emission reduction, improve the level of city services, improve the image of the city. Play an important role.

needs three: business model has to change

at present, operation mode of the city taxi mainly in the parade, called a taxi service through the development of electricity, can guide the taxi changing operation mode, so as to reduce vehicle Kongshi and road occupancy, alleviating traffic congestion in the city, to promote energy saving and emission reduction.

needs four: "door to door" more convenient

call taxi operation mode is conducive to the management department to realize effective management of vehicle platform, improve the level of service industry, the convenience of passengers by taxi, provide the real "door to door" transport service, make passenger travel more convenient. At the same time, but also to enhance the image of the city, to create a large American Qinghai mobile window.

82.4% taxi driver support

in the hearing before the relevant departments for the majority of taxi drivers on call taxi booking city put about the opinions and suggestions, conducted a survey of more than 2 thousand copies. 82.4% of people support the call for booking a taxi business, is willing to put money to expand a call service, 78.2% of people expressed support, at the same time, 64.6% of the people think that low tariffs and 64.2% of people think that the traffic jam is the main two reasons the current taxi difficult.

try to put into operation 150

according to the hearing program, call rental;

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