Zhang Xiaorong mayor of the United States and the United States to study the direction of poverty a

recently, mayor Zhang Xiaorong in-depth point of contact for poverty alleviation in Huangzhong county poverty alleviation precise research of Hai Zi gou. He stressed that in the face of the difficulties of the masses, we must do everything possible to help them solve problems, the safety and well-being of the masses at all times on the heart, the warmth of the party and government to millions of households.



  subsequently, Zhang Xiaorong in King Village and county, township and village cadres and the poverty alleviation work team in-depth discussion, to explore the village economic development ideas. After listening to the introduction of the basic situation of the two villages and the first Secretary of the work carried out. Zhang Xiaorong pointed out that all regions and relevant units to increase rural road construction, and actively develop characteristic agriculture, rural development potential. To integrate the rural land resources, large-scale production, improve the efficiency of land use, driven by poor households out of poverty. To increase medical relief efforts, let the rural masses afford disease, cure disease, to solve the problem of poverty caused by illness. Actively promote the construction of rural pension institutions or the elderly rescue center, to solve the pension problem in the elderly.



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