City fair 66 projects to find 36 billion 300 million gift

A good project is like a good girl. In the current city fair, Xining launched a total of 168 projects to become the object of many merchants sought after. During the city fair, Xining will sign 66 Projects with a total investment amounting to $36 billion 300 million. Among them, in September 15th investment projects focused on signing ceremony, there are 18 projects in the field hand, the signing amount of 18 billion 590 million yuan.

the signed 66 Projects in Xining City, halal food, supplies distribution center project, the environmental protection industry park construction projects, 11 industrial projects, investment of 4 billion 560 million yuan; the results of yak resources technology research center of agricultural science and technology demonstration park of modern urban total Zhai Yuan intelligent greenhouse production area project, Xining city transformation base project etc. agriculture and animal husbandry projects 3, investment of 1 billion 150 million yuan.

people to pay more attention to the Qinghai Lake City market project, Haidilao food chain items, to the bookstore and tamie commercial city projects, Dalian Wanda East train station complex circulation project 14, the investment amounted to 10 billion 990 million yuan; the Huangshui river ecological landscape comprehensive treatment project, Xining city construction project, the center of the sponge square of the North expansion project of area of D city and ecological construction of 24, the investment amounted to 16 billion 696 million yuan; the Kumbum Monastery scenic and cultural tourism service facilities project, Qinghai Tibet yak Museum and other cultural tourism projects 11, investment of 2 billion 680 million yuan; since Tibetan medical support combined with school project, the Beijing fourth school remote education cooperation projects 3, investment 174 million yuan.According to the

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