Liu Qibao visited the twelfth Shenzhen Fair Exhibition in our province

5 12 morning, the twelfth China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair opened the curtain. The Political Bureau of the Central Committee, Secretary of the Secretariat, the Central Propaganda Department Minister Liu Qibao at the museum tour process, specially came to the Qinghai area to inspect.

Liu Qibao in the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister, accompanied by Zhang Ximing, in the best of spirits to come to Qinghai to see the Yellow River tour exhibition, stone art, Thangka and other characteristics of cultural products in our province, market development situation and ask these ethnic customs, historical characteristics and cultural products, to encourage Qinghai to colorful Thangka and other national technology products to create good. To produce artistic charm and competition ability more and more in the wide cultural industry market.

Liu Qibao to the presence of the participants and cultural workers in Qinghai inspired. Zhang Ximing asked everyone to take this as a driving force, seize the historical opportunity for the development of cultural reform and the "131" General requirements, to the new development concept for the lead, strengthen the overall planning, integration of resources, focus, build a platform to attract talents, deepening reform, encourage innovation, and strive for more and more with the characteristics of Qinghai, western style, Chinese the style of cultural products and promote the construction of cultural province.

director of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Sports Bureau Wang Dongmei said excitedly, working in the development of cultural industry in Yushu, with Secretary Liu Qibao requirements as a guide, the development of ideas, innovation, has the unique advantage of Yushu cultural resources to build more platforms for cultural industries in the whole province development to contribute their "peak" the power of.

this fair is "13th Five-Year" the first year of the cultural event, Culture Press and Publication Bureau and the Yushu state common group, 32 cultural enterprises of the province, with eight categories, more than 6 thousand varieties of products in culture.


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