Caojiabao bonded logistics center core area before the end of the year closed the operation

In order to promote the rapid development of modern logistics industry in our province, to speed up the upgrading of the level of opening up, the provincial development and Reform Commission attaches great importance to the Qinghai caojiabao bonded logistics center construction projects, this year, the Commission actively seek the national special fund of 200 million yuan as capital to support the construction of the project, and the project loan discount support, to ensure that the Cao Bao bonded logistics center project core area before the end of the year began operating funds to provide a strong guarantee.

caojiabao bonded logistics center (B type) and comprehensive supporting projects in our province is in accordance with the "four development" and accelerate the construction of the eastern city of group requirements, in the construction of major projects of comprehensive economic Park Haidong Industrial Park Airport, is to undertake the important logistics nodes in the Eastern industrial transfer and Qaidam Experimental Zone for the development of resources the wood of circular economy. The project mainly by caojiabao bonded logistics center, bonded logistics center, the international business comprehensive logistics center is composed of three parts, a total area of more than 1 thousand and 200 acres, a total investment of 2 billion 600 million yuan, is located in caojiabao Airport West, adjacent to the Qinghai Tibet railway, Beijing Tibet Expressway, national highway 109 line. After completion of the project will give full play to the advantages of rail transport, the joint development of advanced manufacturing and modern logistics industry, is an all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging promote the economic development of Qinghai, an important platform to build the internationalization level of modern logistics.

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