Datong County the first batch of 5 people to study in Huludao City Center Hospital

in the county Party committee and county government under the active coordination of the main leaders, Datong County health system and the establishment of long-term health care system in Huludao. In order to improve the technical level of medical institutions at county level in Datong County of professional staff, to speed up the construction according to the comprehensive ability of county hospitals, medical institutions at county level key departments and academic leaders need to cultivate the positive, and the Huludao Municipal Health Bureau, the first batch of selected from the Red Cross Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in Datong County People’s Hospital, county hospital, the 5 Chinese medicine, oral, obstetrics and Gynecology anesthesia, professional health workers in September 10, 2012, arrived in the city of Huludao in the county health and food and drug administration under the leadership of the leadership, they will be in Huludao central hospital were internal medicine, Department of Stomatology, obstetrics and Gynecology and anesthesiology six-month clinical study. The Huludao municipal government, the Municipal Health Bureau and teaching hospital leadership attaches great importance to personnel training work, accommodation, life and other aspects of the training staff gave strong support and help, the two sides on the future of the personnel training, medical assistance and other work in a meeting.


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