On the caring for nature love watering activities of the proposal

friends of the general public:

green is a valuable asset, green breeds hope. Building a civilized Xining, green Xining, beautiful Xining is our bounden duty of every citizen. Last winter and spring, the drought continued in our city, at a time when the plant growth season, need water loving care, then, we extend to the general public in the city issued a proposal to carry out "the love of nature, love".

consciously join love watering activities. The city’s general public, enthusiastic people take action and pay attention to your side every tree, every flower, every piece of green, out of the house, poured a bucket of water, gave a love hug, a green, take practical action to protect green life, green building in Xining.

consciously establish green green consciousness of love. Development of the concept of initiative to promote afforestation, protect the environment and sustainable utilization, actively promote civilized health, conserve resources, treat the natural philosophy of life, take practical action to create a good atmosphere, create a civilization of Xining.

consciously safeguard the results of greening and landscaping. Active interest in green construction, and actively participate in voluntary tree planting, planting a tree, a flower, to pay attention at the foot of heart to keep love, a love of green green "Green Guardian", sharing the beauty of Xining.

people and friends, let us act quickly, from its start, start from now, start from scratch, devote themselves to love watering activities, to become the green messenger of civilization, the construction of green space, flying green dream, for the construction of life of the city, the city of happiness to contribute their strength!

Xining city to create a national civilized city leading group office

Xining city to create a National Forest City Leading Group Office

  in April 12, 2013;

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