What kinds of tea are common

believe that you must have drunk a lot of tea, drink tea brand you must know a lot, but do you know there are several kinds of tea in the world? Talk to this you may have rendered speechless, Never mind, the following small for you to introduce common tea have which several?

simple popular science under several categories of milk tea

1, Taiwan milk tea: Taiwan tea in 80s invention, pearl milk tea as an outstanding representative, popular all over Taiwan and even popular in mainland China, the influence is really not to be underestimated.

2, Hong Kong style milk tea: Hong Kong style milk tea has a long history, which is closely related to the lifestyle of the people of Hongkong. Hong Kong style milk tea emphasis on tea flavor, do a good old shop has a history of several decades.

3, India: India Street Road, head of the Tea Zone, usually need to add milk and tea boiled out of one pot, 15 minutes, the taste is very good. The climate of India has also brought the tea quality advantage, especially in Sri Lanka Dasan clouds high temperature is very high, the quality of tea. After Green Tea completely after fermentation is Black Tea, color, smell and taste that is a must.

4, Tibetan tea: a hundred years the history of Tibetan tea, mainly composed of high-quality barley, Tibetan yak milk, Black Tea, these three kinds of high quality raw materials cooked, Tibetan tea has added strength, refreshing effect.

5, mainland China tea: a variety of martial arts director, comprehensive and through, but the basic table milk tea, Hong Kong style milk based.

is more than a few of us often drink milk, as Chinese people, we used to drink is generally Taiwan milk tea, Hongkong tea and milk tea on the mainland.

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