Cookies ten brands list the whole

is a kind of food that is loved by many people, whether as a snack or as a kind of food. Of course, it is because of this love, the current biscuit market brand is really very rich. Next, let Xiaobian to reveal the secret of the top ten brands of biscuits, so that you can have a greater understanding of the global market, the big brands of biscuits.

biscuits ten brands list NO.1, Danone:

Danone Group, headquartered in Paris, France, has nearly 90 thousand employees worldwide, is one of the world’s leading food and beverage group. Danone Group has a long history and strong scale, ranked 500 in the world, the business in the world’s more than and 120 countries. Fresh dairy products, biscuits and drinks as Danone’s three major products in the global market sales rankings are among the best.

in France, Italy and Spain, Danone Group is the largest food group Danone, also is one of the third major European food group, tied for the world congener industry one of the top six, the other important ranking include: the world’s largest, Europe’s largest fresh dairy products, the world’s largest producer of Europe’s largest biscuit production the world’s second, second European mineral water producer of Europe’s largest sauces and spices production second of European beer producers in Europe second noodle manufacturers in Europe second glass container manufacturers in Europe third convenience food producers in France’s largest baby food manufacturers.

biscuits ten brands list NO.2, Danish blue cans:

Kjeldsens cookies began in 1933 has been used fresh butter and other natural ingredients to bake cookies, each has a unique method for drying, shape and flavor. Danish blue cookie jar has always been to maintain its own style of blue, taking the production process and excellent tradition for decades, has always been known to the industry crisp sauvignon. Deeply loved by the noble. Danish blue cookie jar is the largest Danish butter cookies and baked food manufacturers — Denmark Qixin baking food International Limited, the quality of the brand, the selection of raw materials, made of professional packaging design and material quality.

biscuits top ten brands NO.3, Oreo:

Oreo (Oreo) was born in 1912, a listing will quickly become the best-selling sandwich biscuits in the United States, is a superstar Kaf food and biscuits king, is the world’s chocolate sandwich cookies synonymous. Kaf Foods International, Inc. is the world’s leading food company, business components include the North American (KFNA) and (KFI). Core products for coffee, candy, dairy products, beverages and biscuits.

‘s top selling brands in the world include: Maxwel>

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