An investment in my Hot pot pickled fish need to how much money

fish protein, nutrition, delicious and healthy, is a favorite food items, including a unique taste of fish food to be a unique taste of pickled fish. From ancient times to the present hunger breeds discontentment! The food and beverage industry, the rapid development of the industry a higher than GDP growth. Especially in many industries is limited to the tragic competition, meager profits today, but the catering industry to maintain a pure profit 30%-40% technology, is your choice to start a business. My _ pickled fish fish Hot pot as a leader in the food industry, the situation of free, warm atmosphere, simple and quick economic "consumption patterns, popular favorite groups. So how much does it cost to join


how much does it cost to invest in a pickle fish hotpot?

first-tier cities to open my home really taste pickled fish franchise costs about 1 million 281 thousand yuan; the second tier city to open my home really taste pickled fish franchise costs about 759 thousand and 500 yuan; the three line of the city to open my home pickled fish franchise costs about 459 thousand yuan. Franchisees who want to choose to join the opening of my family, I can choose according to their own situation to choose their own funds.

my pickle fish hot pot to join the unique advantages, so that others can not copy

1, independent innovation, leading fashion:

new concept store form innovation — pickled fish spicy fish restaurant to break the traditional pattern of "store, shop, shop, standard to entrepreneurial wealth shop 3 styles of store mode of operation, flexible investment quickly doubled, daily turnover reached million yuan.

2, secret material package can not be copied, the core equipment to ensure operability:

from product development to packaging, has been the core value of the core material bag as the product taste uniform, bale taste determine the connotation of products, headquarters to strictly control the package material formula, to prevent the market similar competing products, ensure the dry shop blindly, guarantee the customer loyalty of eight kinds of pot flavor.

3, the entire store output, efficient replication:

7 days of training, 28 days to prepare for the decoration, the trial operation of the O for 1 days, you can have a week of their own smell of a new concept of my pickled fish fish restaurant

4, the headquarters of construction, easy to build up the family fortunes:

"pickled fish" headquarters strength, professional operation team, with a mature operating philosophy to help you run the store, will provide you with a complete set of service support, from the store location to staff training, promotion planning, publicity pictures and other one-stop operation support, there is no need for you to experience you can sit back and enjoy the success, and realize the dream of wealth. < >

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