Yinchuan city environmental protection problem serious pollution concentration aggravated

serious environmental pollution is a serious threat to our health, in order to protect our health, the country vigorously carry out environmental protection measures. "The annual concentration of PM2.5 in Yinchuan City, Guyuan City, PM10 not fall, the winter air pollution is still serious, respirable particulate matter (PM10) decrease with the national assessment target gap, seriously restrict the atmospheric pollution prevention task completed." Today’s environmental protection work conference held in Ningxia face the current environmental problems, summing up the work of 2016 gains and losses, the deployment of the work in 2017.

conference briefing, in 2016, the region’s environmental protection special fund investment reached 1 billion 51 million yuan, an increase of 38.3%, of which the special investment in the autonomous region of $715 million, nearly two times in Ningxia in 2015. Under the efforts of environmental protection departments at all levels, the the Yellow River section of the Ningxia section of good water quality ratio reached 100%, class II excellent water quality accounts for up to 66.7%, compared with last year, an increase of 16.7%. 15 surface water national assessment of water quality and excellent rate of 73.3%, higher than the national assessment target of 6.6%.

the air quality days increased by 6 days, good days ratio reached 75.3%, the successful completion of the annual goals and tasks, fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and particulate matter (PM10) annual concentration to achieve double down, reversing the passive situation did not fall but rise for two consecutive years, four to the total pollutant emission reduction is done the goals and tasks assigned by the state.

although the overall situation for the better, but in terms of individual cities, Yinchuan and Guyuan two days to reduce the number of fine days. The improvement of water quality of the tributaries of the Yellow River is not ideal, and the water quality is generally moderate pollution, the 6 national control sections of the the Yellow River River tributaries, the surface water assessment did not reach the target of 50%, which accounted for the poor quality of the water quality of the section v. The water quality of centralized drinking water sources in individual prefecture level cities did not meet the functional requirements. Strengthen the comprehensive management of the main Yellow River drainage ditch and urban black smelly water.

the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region environmental protection department director Zhao Xuhui analysis, at present, Ningxia is still in the period of high risk environment, industrial park layout unreasonable, a large number of chemical enterprises, rely on the city water environment risk, production and transportation links can not be ignored. According to statistics, since 2013, a total of 19 cases of environmental emergencies occur, because the chemical enterprise safety production and transportation of hazardous chemicals leakage accident caused accounted for 36.8% and 52.7%, risks are still outstanding.

the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region vice president Liu Ke proposed, in his speech at the meeting on 2017, the Ningxia environmental protection departments should focus on the environmental protection of the central inspection group feedback rectification of the problem, to ensure that the "blue sky green urban and rural" special action to achieve substantive recommendation

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