Delicacy stores need to think about all the

open gourmet stores, franchisees need to learn more business problems. If you want to know how a store can be regarded as a good business, you need a lot of business thinking, a lot of differences. Many businesses do not know what to think about, Xiao Bian provides some suggestions for reference, so you can easily start.

1, open food franchise quality comparison

Quality evaluation of

food products, the traditional method is to determine the color, flavor and taste, shape, quality, nutrition. In the actual operation of the restaurant, the operator must take seriously the customer’s evaluation, any kind of product, only to get the customer’s recognition and praise, that is the real quality. "The food has no definite taste, the palatability is precious" is the most common reason.

2, the number of open food franchise

The number of

the comparison refers to the components of dishes. The component is the size or number of each dish, which can be expressed in terms of weight or capacity. Western dishes mainly consider each customer can eat. In the design of banquet menu, it is an important content for different customer groups. In Chinese food, due to the increasing demand for the diversification of the dishes, in order to adapt to it, there is a tendency to reduce weight.

3, the value of open food franchise

is delicacy of franchise business items, price is the most important business field, people often say, "three Maori eat rice, seven Maori starved people", it is worth. By comparing the value of food and beverage operators will find their own price in the same restaurant in what level, in order to choose the right price policy.

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