Qiao Jie cleaning appliance project business opportunities

home appliance cleaning, has always been a problem we ignore, so it will lead us to care for home appliances. Jie Jie home appliance cleaning out, no doubt, is to meet our care for home appliances. So, the business will choose to join the Jie Jie home appliance cleaning?

according to the Ministry of construction on the person in charge, the current number of households has reached 3.5 million, and increased at an annual rate of 13 million, with the national implementation of the "home appliances to the countryside" activities, home appliances have really come into the towns and countryside every ordinary people home, professional household cleaning market demand will be expanded from every year tens of billions of dollars to hundreds of billions of market share! How clean appliances cleaning off the gold rush home cleaning broad market


Jie Qiao cleaning appliances door-to-door service + store sales business model, service providers in the process of terminal sales in the service + experience + product marketing, more the first five star service used in domestic home cleaning services, to bring the distinguished service experience to consumers, and ultimately create a healthy family environment to the vast number of consumers.

Qiao Jie cleaning appliances R & D and production of household cleaning products, such as lampblack machine, water machine cleaning agent cleaning agent, cleaning agent, air conditioning, solar floor cleaning agent cleaning agent, furniture cleaning agent, boiler cleaning agent, cleaning agent, cleaning agent, marble tile, glass cleaning agent, cleaning agent, multifunctional foam the carpet cleaning agent, multifunctional cleaning paste etc.. The Department of marine products extracts, pure biological agent, do not add any chemical composition, without any side effects on the human body, or into eyes are eating without any harm, does not hurt the hand, on the contrary can moisten the skin. Energy saving and environmental protection, water consumption is very small, clean and simple.

clean smart home appliance cleaning three advantages:

1, Jie Jie home appliance cleaning free cleaning: cleaning and disinfection of the whole; can really do not have two pollution of bottled water.

2, clean and smart household appliances cleaning fast descaling: in a scientific and safe way to remove the scale and dirt inside the water dispenser, clean sanitation.

3, Jie clever home appliance cleaning thoroughly: a long time to effectively inhibit the formation of bacteria, green cleaning, health and environmental protection.

is often the first step in cleaning appliances, healthy life. If you are very interested in joining the smart home appliances cleaning project, then why hesitate? Hurry up! Come and join us!

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