Five thousand dollars to do what kind of business Business

five thousand dollars can do? I’m afraid I can only buy a piece of furniture in the past, a little money in the current era, such a little money seems to be the real thing can not do. However, everyone can have entrepreneurial aspirations, if can choose to good business opportunities, even five thousand dollars can also make a big business. So, five thousand dollars to do what kind of business?

five thousand dollars to do what kind of business? 2000 yuan to open a leaf photo store

images appear on the leaves, both novel and elegant, which is not only a creative, but also a practical technology. Using this method to open a shop to make a leaf photo service, the leaves will be made of different crafts and supplemented by the production of the frame to sell, fashionable.

investment conditions

1. investment in the production of raw materials at 100 yuan, each cost about $0.1.

2. shop investment: can choose 6 – 8 square meters of shops or near the large department stores, supermarket stalls. According to the different rents around the store stalls, rental investment will be different.

five thousand dollars to do what kind of business? 4000 yuan to open the ice slurry shop

ice slurry founder Yu Kailin Anshun County, Zhenning, was a cement factory workers, due to poor performance of the laid-off workers. After spending some time at home, the poor into the pocket only five yuan. Under the livelihood, he began selling popsicles, every day to twenty miles to buy ice stick, in the mountains of Guizhou in the shuttle. A few years later. In 1987, the daughter of a junior high school, in order to let her have a good future, he had to consider other ways to make a living. After a friend, he learned that a broken ice machine, can be used to make cold drinks. So, with today’s favorite ice slurry".

Yu Kailin’s first ice cream shop on Zhenning street. After a period of exploration, he has invented a fruit ice slurry, ice cream, ice cream, coffee ice slurry, such as dozens of ice slurry. Yu Kailin made ice slurry delicious, people are also good, popular with the customer’s favorite.

five thousand dollars to do what kind of business? Invest 4000 yuan to open family moment hard wood shop

market analysis:

stone engraving products, such as flat relief murals, road monument, monument, monuments, plaques and so on, are widely used in building decoration, commercial store signs, the original forest, cemetery and municipal construction etc.. For thousands of years, the original stone carving products are popular with the public, but because of its use of hammer, chisel manual operation, processing time is long, labor intensity, technical recommendation

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