Telemarketing to concise and comprehensive business

As an important communication tool in the current market,

has become an important part of many people’s lives. Among them, the call is a necessary way to communicate with our customers and dealers. Some people think that articulate and communicate with each other without difficulty. However, every time the phone and customer communication, always just a few words will be hung up, and ultimately, they do not understand the reasons, self righteous that customers do not need, or have to understand.

what should we pay attention to when we make a mistake?

scenario 1:

day, a bureau director of the office of the fruit shop to buy 30 boxes of Citrus for everyone to send welfare, but because there was no goods, have not been able to cooperate successy. There are half a day to labor day, the fruit shop owner wants to attract a business, so he called the office of the office of the phone.

director: "Hello, who?"

boss: "director hello! Sorry for not contacting you for a long time. "(with the customer is only once, but show each other very well look, let them confused, even disgusted)

director: "excuse me, are you?"

boss: "the director, you are Great wits have short memories. ah, even I don’t hear my voice, I am wang!" (the "Great wits have short memories." in the interpersonal communication in derogatory)

director: "Xiao Wang? Which Wang?" To give out your entire name, not just the last name or just the name, especially the unfamiliar client

boss: "I am a seasonal fresh fruit shop, two days before you come to my shop to buy citrus, we met."

director: "Oh, what do you have?"

boss: "yes, we have a new batch of recent store of citrus, you immediately to 51, I think that you must also send something, is not a consideration of our cooperation?"

director: "we have not considered these things, I need to contact you."

(want to pass a phone to sell the goods is unrealistic, a lot of things or interview more reliable

made a mistake and not self reflection, is the fruit shop owner’s failure. A mistake, first with the director calls, but too well, let a person feel disgusting and hypocritically, even feel uncomfortable. We all know that people and

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