Four Fishing brand recommended

for the current social consumption phenomenon, we will find out from time to time consumption has become a habit. While in China’s food and beverage market in the form of food and beverage shops accounted for most of the food and beverage market. Whether baked or spicy pot buffet or seemed to hang up and rinse fishing, a fishing Shabu restaurants form has become an inevitable trend. Then the following small series on the recommendation of the four more well-known rinse fishing brand.

rinse rinse rinse

in the boiling water boiled and cooked here, most of the food, are the combination of different ingredients into the collision and cracking wonders. Different and harmony. 100% of the ultimate product, the condensation of all threads neatly tied up traditional and innovative elements, rinse rinse roast to rinse cooked fish just fishing, barbecue encounter variety stewing spicy, fresh collocation personality drinks, the combination of these, not only is the collision between the taste buds and nerve blistering, will also help with fashion since every corner of life to restore, personal experience, delicious buffet, submissive mood. Classic lines to your taste and always rinse for a mouth rinse, crunchy fresh vegetables, with a scoop of spicy hot soup, a skewer scented barbecue, then pour a cup of refreshing cool drinks, if you are in the mood, gelato and small fresh, first capture let the whole people taste buds, fall, rinse rinse roast cooked fish righteousness, always give you surprise.

Fire Island Korean roast

on the Fire Island Korean rinse roast on this platform, small Hot pot, barbecue, iron plate together, tastes and preferences, the size can be free to choose, this interesting way to eat once launched immediately popular in South Korea, now came to Chinese, considering the China consumer tastes, keep this fun way more, an increase of several strong Han Feng taste of food, such as Hot pot, spicy tofu soup, barbecue, etc.. Make it more popular with Chinese consumers.

rinse roast to Korean Korean Fire Island delicacy as the foundation, to bring all kinds of Korean delicacy, is a good choice for modern catering market is very hot, join the investment catering industry, the project choice is not wrong, the classic Korean food, health and nutrition, get more attention and support of the people, good business every day!

City pot rinse roast

city of pot boiling and baking, boiling and baking the new urban pasta cooking, washing a roast, the perfect combination of boiling rinse roast stew steaming stew, perfect compound, fun dining. It is the essence of the atmosphere, Hot pot barbecue, dry pot, casserole, with the soul of cooking methods, the characteristics of snacks. Adhering to the concept of green food security, all ingredients are derived from the formal channels, ingredients green safety. The material is extended to the seafood, poultry, vegetables, single product up to hundreds of, let you experience the real green pollution-free delicacy, not only delicious.

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