Shenyang origin of non college graduates enjoy housing subsidies in employment Shen

in order to encourage college graduates to employment and entrepreneurship, and now the country has introduced a lot of favorable policies, while the country in order to seize the talent, but also in the continuous introduction of policies. To attract talent, Shenyang implemented a series of measures, including subsidies to rent.

Zhang Jianguang, director of the employment and human resources service bureau of Shenyang City,

, in December 20th, in the Shenyang Municipal Government Information Office press conference on the "rent subsidy" range, etc..

from non local -time college graduates, which, under the age of 35, master under the age of 30, for the first time in Shenyang for employment or self employment; in 25 years of age, for the first time in Shenyang entrepreneurship in Shenyang city without any form of private housing, with signed labor contracts, pay endowment insurance certificate and other materials to give rental subsidies.

rental subsidy standards for Dr. 800 yuan per month, the master of $400 per month, a monthly salary of $200, to receive the maximum period of not more than 3 years of rental subsidies.

Zhang Jianguang said that at present a total of 1279 people in Shenyang enjoy this policy, involving the amount of subsidy of $2 million 687 thousand.

it is understood that, in order to encourage college graduates multi-channel employment and entrepreneurship, Shenyang at the same time of probation expires retention rate below 50% (including 50%) of the enterprise, probation by the financial subsidies for 2/3, the rest of the unit commitment of probation probation expires; retention rate of more than 50% enterprises, all student subsidy by the financial commitment.

Zhang Jianguang said that the continuous increase in the quality of public employment service product supply, the establishment of new employment and entrepreneurship service mechanism is an important part of Shenyang to create an international business environment and an important starting point.

with the implementation of a preferential policy, I believe that will let more college graduates find their own position, regardless of employment or business, can successy open your own life. So, Shenyang has such a preferential policy, if you are a college graduate, you will choose to work in Shenyang or venture?

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