Good service God to promote the development of the whole shop business

customers are referred to as our "God", and for children, we generally call it "little god"". Do not think that these little god who do not have the economic capacity, but they will affect the parents shopping, so if you want to attract more parents, may wish to serve these little god".

my shop because of their own conditions, has not changed into the form of supermarkets. Simply changed the shelves and added the glass counter. At the same time I put the children as the main consumer groups, children eat more things to play. Every holiday, I store the children of Trinidad and Tobago, this time after school and school, I am a person often busy awy". But at the same time there have been many problems in the process of child purchases.

face these little God’s problems to me, I think of ways to do their satisfaction. Analogy: some children do not buy the idea, and this will be a while, one to the. Want to take out one by one, but do not. So repeatedly put out also delayed other customer shopping, children are dazzled, but do not know what to buy. At this time, I put the child’s favorite goods in the most conspicuous place. Say a few words, take a good look at what you want the most".

‘s children; the plan is not changing fast. Bought the toy, just out of the door a few steps, but also to change another, but the packaging has been torn off. In order to satisfy the children, I only returned. Not because of some of the child’s fault and the loss of large customers. So after I only ready packaging, but these toys I just sell cheap.

There are some

because the child is too small, the parents let him to buy things, but I have to change lost, some even decide to change to buy snacks and other things, then the children did not say if consumed or lost, will inevitably lead to some parents. It’s my fault that my parents don’t say it, but the words will show their dissatisfaction. So I face these small customers and parents I prepared a small bag and paper, are written on the note children what to buy and change, are put into the convenient bag, let the children to take home, such a fine single Xiaoming reduces parents misunderstanding.


is the children, want good service is really not easy, however, as long as the patient can y capture the children’s heart. Although these small customers bring me a lot of small problems, but I always try to solve, so that these small "God" satisfaction. Just because I took care of these small problems, the kids like to come to my shop and bring me more new customers and parents.

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