How much is the franchise fee to join KFC

Kentucky delicacy to join the project selection, shipped to us. No doubt, entrepreneurial choice to join KFC, is a very choice of business opportunities. Brand strength, no worries. How about KFC? With the strength of the brand to join, worthy of trust!

joined Kentucky jiamengfei how many money? Individuals can not join the KFC, must be in the name of the enterprise. The registered capital of four million. And through the audit. Catering business headquarters, the company can apply to the local consumption scale will KFC in the local shop, KFC for the franchisee to provide "low risk does not start from zero the join, the franchisee must first have 8 million yuan of funds, but even 8 million yuan also may not be able to become KFC franchisees.

to join the Kentucky Fried Chicken is the number of KFC in China to take the "not from scratch" franchise model. "From scratch" franchise, is a mature KFC restaurant for sale to join the applicant through the qualification assessment, and authorized the original restaurant location using the KFC brand to continue to operate. The franchisee is in business has taken over a KFC restaurant, not to open a new restaurant, the franchisee shall not be built from scratch for, to avoid a lot of self selection, shop, recruitment and training of new employees and complicated work, thereby reducing the risk of franchisee, improve work opportunities.

how about KFC? Have the advantage of choice. A simple way to start a business, it is also very smart choice is not it? Open a KFC belongs to their own shop, shop is earned! Do not worry about no source!

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