Steak with jiamengfei

France is recognized as the romantic capital, food culture will naturally be very rich. There are a lot of special food and beverage brand items, such as steak. The French mission with customer service customer needs is always some steak, served to join to create maximum value for customers. We think: "Each performs its own functions., only those who can not" spare no effort to create real value for customers, and achieve a win-win situation in the process of creating value, this is the "Zuo" mission. It is true that the guest steak is also welcomed by consumers, then how much money to join the steak steak?

guest steak join fee introduction:

first, join the cost of

served steak has three levels of cooperation projects, which are noble fashion stores, stores and flagship stores, cooperation costs were 78 thousand, 128 thousand and 188 thousand, includes the cost of new products and technology transfer fees, training fees, operating instruction fees, store decoration design, promotion, advertising costs.

two, performance bond

1. three store margin were 5000 yuan, respectively, $6000 and $8000.

2. after the expiration of the contract, there is no violation of the agreement to join the agreement, the deposit refund.

three, brand usage and operating costs

1, brand use fee: 3000-8000 yuan / year, to provide store decoration guide, VI system application design, packaging materials applications, the opening of the image of the flag hanging, staff training, business guide training, business guide training, etc..

2, operating fee free

four, decoration design fee

According to 1400 yuan / square meters

1. decoration, fashion shop business area of 150 square meters, the overall decoration needs about 210 thousand yuan.

2. headquarters to provide shop decoration effect drawing, the effect of the drawings and the shop life of graphic material design services, as well as graphic design, design costs 4000 yuan.

five, construction fee

analysis, assessment of the value of values help the store location, store staff to provide system management, training, technology and service outlets on-site operation practice, headquarters to provide free on-site business guide, and provide free training for new products, 5000 yuan.

six, license fee


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