Factors difficult to do what business Home Furnishing building materials store

although the big data among people’s income is increasing, however, if it is to invest in business should be aware that the current business is really more and more difficult to do. In short, in the context of the relatively low economic environment, the long-term development of home building materials business can not be limited to the traditional model. Fierce competition in the market is constantly driving home building materials businesses to make changes. However, under the influence of the market environment, home building materials store how to join the ranks of change and indirectly promote the development of enterprises, but also have some skills can be found.

break the thinking constraint

affected by the objective environment, the development trend of home building materials industry gradually slowed down, many dealers complain that business is difficult to do. It is undeniable that the changes in the environment is indeed a major factor, but many companies and stores inherent inertia of the dealer, but also an important reason for restricting the development of. Therefore, home building materials stores may only have the courage to break the constraints of traditional thinking, in order to find a broader space for development.

business difficult to do

stores for businesses, how to find the disease is particularly important. If you do not stand in the customer perspective, carey build our customer-oriented retail business nature, to re-examine the internal defects and shortcomings of the stores, in the Internet era, the development of the store will meet a lot of difficulties.

many industry experts believe that home building materials store business is difficult to do a few key factors:

one-way business thinking, ignoring the user experience

this year, operating cost pressures facing the relatively large retail stores, most retail stores have a common point, is that no matter who is in the shop, only consider the immediate interests, trying to push their most want to sell goods. Only consider their own, do not consider the feelings of customers, but also ignore and do not respect the real needs of customers, this one-way business ideas for home building materials store is extremely unfavorable.

ignore the customer price and the number of blue

excessive pursuit of price, ignoring the basket number. What is the price and the number of baskets? If your average customer price is 3000 yuan, which is a single guest goods, or more than three goods, the meaning is completely different. The price is higher, the lower the number of basket, means there is profit, off a single product sales accounted for the high culture of goods and the popularity of the low proportion of basic category, also shows that the staff are the main push they want to sell the goods. The price is low, the basket number is increasingly high, said the popularity of goods and selling category accounted for more. Of course, most of the existing problems of the retail stores are the former, home building materials store is no exception.

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