The shop only to win the hearts of people

win the hearts of people, this is how important the store’s operation, many shops in the course of the operation is to ignore this point. In short, shop to engage in business, not only focused on thinking about their money, and to learn how to invest in the customer, the customer is to bring affordable and convenient. Therefore, in the price of goods on the brain, of course, this brain is not how much you can make a business, but how much profit to customers? Price is not the consumers think the reasonable price, of course, affect the purchase intention, consumers want to buy Erguotou, you have to sell a bottle of Erguotou, but others sell 8 pieces, but you have to sell 10 dollars, you want to make more money, consumers can buy your account?

so, shop to engage in business, not only of their single-minded to earn, or want to become synchronized from the customer’s pocket money "". In this way, not only will lose the trust of consumers, but also will lose the hearts of people, affecting their business and business image.

at the same time, some of our small and medium retail formats, the face of the group should be a number of working-class and ordinary citizens, villagers. This group has no extra income amount, so money will be very careful in reckoning, sometimes to other people’s goods is cheaper than the next few cents, he was willing to go a few steps again at, why? For the things that are affordable.

in this case, if you change the 12 Fen cents didn’t give them, can cause unpleasant, which will play a role of anti propaganda, on the other hand, if you put the fraction to remove, that they will be grateful to you. Although the small fraction of the humble, but consumers are very sensitive to price. In peacetime, they sometimes do not say a few cents, that is, the one or two will not care, but in shopping, it is likely that you and Ding Ding, Mao is the first, a clear account of a clear account.

therefore, as operators we want to open a good shop, do business, you should learn to let yourself suffer, and customers don’t haggle, for some small fraction of money obscure simply give up only integer, so beneficial to customers, through such initiatives, they later purchase probability will be great, will take the initiative to do publicity for you.

now let’s say you buy food in a stall on the market, while the family was not green, after buying food, vegetable dealers will generously give a few onions to you through this next time you say you in the course of contacts, buy food, will think of the heart buy food stalls, so shop business is the same. At the same time, for some consumer goods, do not see itself to raise the retail price of a rare commodity. Although this will be able to get a certain amount of profit in the short term, but it will leave a bad impression in the minds of consumers, do business to consider the long-term, but not greedy for a moment of profit, destroyed a long business.


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