Billions of wealth easily earned by vision

‘s idea of becoming rich may initially be met with opposition, because it’s not the same, so people look at it with colored eyes. In fact, has a profound vision, can foresee the development prospects of the industry, but also for their own to create an extraordinary wealth platform.

to work after graduation, 24 year old became the assistant general manager of the Lujiazui group, a record at the time of the promotion record, the 1000 people envy within the group. 26 years old, he founded the community game site in the past 11 months attracted a registered user of the, and access to the net investment of $3 million.

30 years old, Shanda network listed on the Nasdaq, with 65% of his company’s shares are sitting on the wealth of 8 billion 800 million yuan. "Huang Lu man" the completion of these only 5 years, and boarded the Hurun rich list of the top 2004 it.

if there is no vision, graduated from the University of Huang Lu will not choose the state-owned enterprises.

1997, as the Department of economics at the Fudan University. He was hot, and no other good students, foreign companies into the envy of everyone. Although no one knows his true thoughts at the time, but he later in the Lujiazui group of the way up, but the fact that the talent concentrated place, also inevitable waste of talent — the same effort, the same endowment, you in desperate state than in foreign talent together have more opportunities.

if there is no vision, Huang Lu not betting online game.

1999, from the job after the state-owned enterprises, Huang Lujin securities company. During this time, he came into contact with the Internet, and decided to play their own game of interest and the Internet together to create a community game site. The popularity of the site users registered more than the estimates of all bystanders, but Huang Road in the joy, and not overjoyed.

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