Protecting Critical Data In The Cloud

first_imgOath, a Verizon subsidiary comprising the former Yahoo and AOL businesses, is a diverse company of more than 50 media and technology brands that engage more than 1 billion people worldwide. To gain new efficiencies, the former AOL had begun moving workloads to the cloud prior to the merger. As the newly formed Oath began to grow, the business decided to accelerate IT transformation by migrating more of its infrastructure to the cloud. “There was a big push to move to the cloud, to gain more flexibility and operational efficiency and find technology that was flexible enough for all Oath consumption models globally,” says Daniel Pollack, chief storage architect for Oath. The company decided on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its cloud technology provider.Oath’s current AWS presence is currently composed of:Over 100 accounts with consolidated billing~500 VPC’s40,000+ EC2 instances~70PB of S3 storageAs Oath built out AWS infrastructure the team recognized the need for an extensible toolset to protect both their on-premise and cloud based IT infrastructures. “We have to protect all our internal and customer-facing data, and that means using the best data protection and backup software,” Pollack says. “However, we found that our old software was not economically viable anymore.”Protecting Critical Business Data On-Premise And In The Cloud By implementing Dell EMC Data Protection Solutions, Oath moved key workloads to the cloud without any business disruption. “We were able to move to the cloud seamlessly, with no impact to our end users across the globe, because of the capabilities of Dell EMC Data Protection Software. That made it very easy to follow the direction of the company as far as becoming more cloud-focused,” says Pollack. “About 10 percent of our infrastructure is on AWS now, and that migration was very simple.”Reducing Software Costs By Nearly 70 Percent Oath has achieved its goal of reducing data protection software costs. “We are only paying one-third of what we were paying before for data backup and protection by using Dell EMC Data Protection Software,” says Pollack. “In addition, we are seeing some operational efficiency gains in terms of managing the data protection and backup environment, so we expect further cost reductions.”Improving Manageability And Flexibility In addition to the management benefits of a single toolset, Oath is also able to more effectively protect data at remote sites around the world. Before moving to AWS Oath had constraints and cost associated with local IT presence, and dedicated WAN infrastructure between sites. Now Oath leverages AWS Direct Connect technology and EC2 instances running AWS editions of the technology they previously deployed on premise. The company can now more effectively protect remote data. Previously Oath had many backup appliances scattered across the globe. Since moving to a cloud based ecosystem using Dell EMC Data Protection Solutions on AWS, management of data protection has become significantly more efficient.Finally, Oath has the flexibility it needs to respond quickly to business demands. “We have more agility and flexibility by being on the cloud, so we can quickly launch short-term solutions while maintaining service levels when we need to,” says Pollack. “Overall, we have reduced a lot of the risk and uncertainty related to the merger by implementing Dell EMC Data Protection Software.”Conclusion The needs of Oath required a robust, mature cloud provider at global scale, while leveraging a single, integrated toolset for data protection led Oath to an obvious decision – AWS & Dell EMC – Best of breed in the industry!last_img read more

CloudIQ – A Web-Based Fitness Tracker for Your Storage

first_imgThe healthcare industry is being revolutionized right in front of our eyes.  The world is shifting away from a visit to the doctor or a hospital, to a world in which it is easier than ever to get a complete view of your health anytime – from anywhere.We have fitness trackers, 3D-printed medical devices, AI, VR, robot-surgeons, and “wellness clinics” at your local pharmacy.  Healthcare is being transformed and I can’t imagine how it will evolve over the next 5-10 years.We are seeing the same transformation take place within storage system management and it’s why we are committed to bringing Dell EMC CloudIQ to all our storage products over the next 12 months.Dell EMC’s CloudIQ is like a fitness tracker for your storage environment.   It’s a web-based application that leverages machine learning to proactively monitor and measure the overall health of storage systems through intelligent, comprehensive, and predictive analytics.It pulls in over 5 billion data points and runs 5.5 million health checks per day to generate a storage health score between 0 -100. One score is able to give you a rough idea of how your systems are doing, and you can view all of your systems right from one page.The more it’s used, the more of a benefit you see. Our customers have been able to achieve an extremely high average storage health score of 97 (out of 100) across our Dell EMC Unity install base, and our SC and VMAX Series Early Access customers, with PowerMax and XtremIO right around the corner.How Do We Come Up With The Health Scores?You may wonder how these scores are determined. Well, the process is actually fairly simple. CloudIQ is continuously running proactive Health Checks across five categories to generate a health score:Components – checks for faulty components, such as faulty power supplies or a worn out cooling fansConfiguration – understands context and configuration for components including host connections that are not set up with redundancyCapacity – Detects capacity issues that could result in downtime – such as oversubscribed storage volumes or pools that are at their capacity limitPerformance – Pinpoints performance issues, such as when CPUs are running at very high utilization; it will also identify imbalances, so that workloads can be shifted around for optimal performanceData Protection – Audits data protection policies to ensure data is protected as required to help ensure both replication RPOs and snapshot policies for scheduling and retention are being metThe most impactful issue generates your total CloudIQ health score.  But, it doesn’t end there.  It also allows you to drill in and get helpful remediations for how to solve the identified issues.Let’s take an example in which a low health score causes us to dig in deeper.We click on the system and see Configuration is the top health check category impacting this storage system health score.Based on the CloudIQ’s analysis, the biggest impact to our score is a host that is incorrectly connected to our storage system by both iSCSI and FC.When clicking on the alert – CloudIQ offers a specific tip on how to resolve the issue with a reference to a support KB article. So CloudIQ lets you quickly identify the source of the issue and make the necessary changes to restore our health score.Just like a fitness tracker, CloudIQ is always working in the background to deliver a health score along with smart, centralized monitoring for our Dell EMC Unity customers today, and for PowerMax and SC Series as part of our CloudIQ early access program – contact your sales team to learn the details.Like any sensible person shouldn’t wait to go to the doctor until after they get sick, organizations can treat their data center storage in much the same way by getting proactive with CloudIQ.last_img read more

Israel’s struggling Labor party chooses new leader

first_imgJERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s Labor Party has chosen Merav Michaeli, a veteran lawmaker and former journalist, as its new leader ahead of March elections. Michaeli, 54, faces a difficult task as she tries to revive the fortunes of the iconic party. Labor guided Israel to independence in 1948 and led the country for its first three decades. But it has struggled to remain relevant over the past two decades as peacemaking with the Palestinians ground to a halt and the electorate embraced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hardline ideology. Opinion polls have forecast the party will not receive the minimum number of votes needed to enter the next parliament.last_img read more

Some Colombians fear ex-paramilitary leader deported from US

first_imgBUCARAMANGA, Colombia (AP) — The most feared ex-paramilitary commander in Colombia has returned to his home country after serving a 16-year sentence in a U.S. prison for drug trafficking. The return of Hernán Giraldo Serna on DAY is causing anxiety on the north coast of the South American country. The 74-year-old Giraldo was deported from the U.S. and immediately taken into custody by authorities in Colombia, where he is expected to serve time for crimes against humanity and drug trafficking. But some of his victims, including women he raped when they were children, fear he will attempt to regain control of the territory he once controlled.last_img read more

Tanzania’s leader denies COVID-19, and countrymen push back.

first_imgNAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Tanzania’s president says God has eliminated COVID-19 in his country. His own church now begs to differ. The local Catholic authority warned this week of a new wave of coronavirus infections, and government institutions now require staffers to take precautions. Suddenly, populist President John Magufuli is being openly questioned as the African continent sees a strong resurgence in cases. And yet he questions the COVID-19 vaccines that have begun arriving in Africa. One health official warns Tanzania that “if we do not fight this as a collective on the continent, we will be doomed.“ Tanzania stopped updating its virus numbers in April, at 509 cases.last_img read more

Out of sight, cleaners perform critical work in COVID ICUs

first_imgATHENS, Greece (AP) — The workers who clean coronavirus intensive care units say that their work has been overlooked since the pandemic began. The cleaners run a daily gantlet of risks to ensure that ICUs run smoothly and are critical to preventing the spread of disease in hospitals. But their status as unskilled laborers in a behind-the-scenes role has left them out of the public eye. One cleaner who works at the main COVID-19 treatment center in Athens, Greece, says the cleaning crew feels like “the smallest cog in the wheel.” Medical experts agree that cleaning is vital in hospitals, where infections are especially troublesome.last_img read more

Tony Trabert, 5-time major singles champion, dies at 90

first_imgMIAMI (AP) — Tennis Hall of Famer Tony Trabert has died. His death Wednesday night at his home in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, was confirmed by his daughter. Trabert was a five-time Grand Slam singles champion and former No. 1 player who went on to successful careers as a Davis Cup captain, broadcaster and executive. Trabert won three of the four major singles titles in 1955, including Wimbledon and the U.S. Nationals. The Cincinnati native was ranked No. 1 in singles in 1953 and 1955. Trabert also won five Grand Slam titles in men’s doubles. Hall of Fame President Stan Smith called him a “terrific ambassador for tennis.” Tony Trabert was 90 years old.last_img read more

Disney World’s Super Bowl parade is nixed, but ad will air

first_imgORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Disney’s Super Bowl parade has been nixed, but the filming of the “I’m Going to Disney World” commercial after the big game is still on. Officials at Walt Disney World said Friday that the theme park resort wouldn’t be hosting its annual Super Bowl parade this year because of the pandemic. But the resort still plans to film its annual ad after the game. The ad usually features the Most Valuable Player looking at the camera and saying those famous words. The commercials have featured Super Bowl stars since 1987 when Phil Simms of the New York Giants first appeared following his team’s championship win.last_img read more