The Arbitration Committee takes measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus

first_imgThe latest events triggered by the increase in cases of the coronavirus have led the Referee Technical Committee to decide not to bring together the First Division members this weekend in the City of Soccer of Las Rozas to avoid possible contagions and leave the template touched.Although there has been no case and the braids are spread across different cities in Spain, which favors minimizing the danger of transmission that in other professions does exist, it has been wanted to avoid a large meeting and the arbitration talk, planned for a long time, will go from being in person to being carried out by streaming. In it, the technical commission will continue to work on unifying and clarifying criteria and reviewing recent actions: penalties, hands, VAR … In this way, this week the referees who will act as VAR (Munuera Montero, Sánchez Martínez, Iglesias Villanueva, Jaime Larrea, Hernández Hernández, Prieto Iglesias, Soto Grado, Martínez Munuera, Gil Manzano and Estrada Fernández) will carry out this seminar via streaming to avoid any possible contagion and will have the minimum possible contact. They will only go to the Soccer City of Las Rozas to carry out their VAR work and will only have contact with their assistant and the operators.last_img read more